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Re-thinking the Church in Scotland

Article by   May 2009
Given that the church IN Scotland is much wider and deeper than the Church OF Scotland, I found John Ross's blog very stimulating and thought-provoking. Is it time to re-draw the map? Read John's piece here.... continue

Ligonier Conference Addresses

Article by   May 2009
Just wanted to thank the folks at Ligonier for making their annual conference - featuring several Ref21 names - available online, with high quality video of each of the sessions. They are available here. I don't know how long these... continue

Out and About in Scotland

Article by   May 2009
I have been travelling about a bit over the last couple of weeks, and usually without access to emails, so I haven't been able to comment on the online petition about the General Assembly of the CofS. I never sign... continue

Praying for Scotland

Article by   April 2009
Two very significant items passed across my desk in the last few days. The first is a new book by Tom Lennie, published by Christian Focus Publications, entitled Glory in the Glen. It is one of the best written studies... continue

Reflections on Sacred Rhetoric

Article by   April 2009
'The ratio of grind to glamour is three to one'.   This was an off-the-cuff remark made recently on a UK television documentary on the topic of oratory. Taking January's Presidential inauguration in Washington as its cue, the programme traced the... continue

Alexander Whyte on Prayer

Article by   March 2009
Yesterday our regional Synod met in Stornoway Free Church for its routine annual meeting. A public lecture was given  in the evening by Rev Kenneth Stewart of Dowanvale Free Church, Glasgow, on the subject of 'The Labour of Prayer: Lessons... continue

Calvin for the young, and the young at heart

Article by   February 2009
The 500th anniversary of Calvin's birth has already produced some excellent material on Calvin (about which I've been blogging over at Creideamh). However, perhaps one of the most useful has been published by Christian Focus in the Trailblazers series, in... continue

That bad old Reformation...

Article by   February 2009
Channel 4, one of the UK's network TV channels, has recently been running a history of Christianity, fronted by some well-known figures. I have already blogged on the first episode, which pretty much argued that Christianity is anti-Semitic at heart.... continue

The Lord's Supper

Article by   February 2009
 It is a pleasure to recommend this latest book on The Lord's Supper by my friend and colleague Dr Malcolm Maclean of Scalpay Free Church. What I like about it is not only the survey of the biblical, historical... continue

Law and Gospel

Article by   February 2009
My friend Gary Brady has been blogging on the Affinity Theological Conference at which I recently gave a paper on the threefold dvision of the law. The subject was 'The End of the Law?' and attracted about 140 delegates. The... continue
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