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Free Church of Scotland Moderator

Article by   October 2009
The Free Church of Scotland has announced that Rev David Meredith, minister of Smithton-Culloden Free Church, is to be the Moderator of the 2010 General Assembly. More details here. ... continue

New Free Church website

Article by   September 2009
You may be interested in the re-launched and re-designed website of my own denomination, the Free Church of Scotland. Click here.... continue

Not afraid of bad news

Article by   September 2009
I have been using Spurgeon's Morning and Evening readings more or less for the past thirty years, and they never fail to amaze me with their pastoral insight and their constant relevance. Having been thinking recently of the number of... continue

Induction at Point Free Church

Article by   August 2009
Last night I was inducted as minister of Point Free Church. Some information on the church is available on the church website here. Online sermons will be available here. ... continue

New Commentary on Isaiah and Calvin on the Psalms

Article by   August 2009
My colleague and teacher of Old Testament, Prof John L Mackay, has now had the second volume of his new commentary on Isaiah published. Details on the Evangelical Press website here. It is every bit as comprehensive and as helpful... continue

Puritan Reformed Journal

Article by   August 2009
I just want to make a plug for the new journal from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. The second edition of Puritan Reformed Journal is now available. I have increasingly been finding theological journals rather esoteric, philosophical and generally unhelfpul (with some... continue

Friends of Calvin

Article by   July 2009
So far I have surprised myself by sticking to my intended reading list for the Summer, and have just finished Machiel A. Van Den Berg's excellent paperback, Friends of Calvin. This collection of twenty-four of Calvin's colleagues, contemporaries, relations, friends... continue

Calvinism and Worldliness

Article by   June 2009
My colleague Guy Davies has drawn my attention to an article by Peter Masters in which he accuses virtually every professing Calvinist in America of being worldly and promoting worldliness. The article begins with a swipe at Hansen's Young, Restless... continue

Reading for a Lewis Summer

Article by   June 2009
Summer Reading     As I continue my reading on John Calvin, I picked up an excellent work by Machiel A. Van den Berg, entitled Friends of Calvin. It contains twenty-four relatively short chapters on people who feature in Calvin's... continue

Visiting Calvingrad

Article by   June 2009
Earlier this week the BBC took me to Geneva for three days to record some interviews on Calvin (in Gaelic) which will be broadcast later this year. Along with Jessie Boydell, also from the Isle of Lewis, and currently living... continue
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