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Consider how you listen

Article by   June 2010
While I was preaching in Birmingham, England recently, a colleague passed on a little booklet of 32 pages by Christopher Ash entitled Listen Up!: A practical guide to listening to sermons. What a gem it is! While there are many... continue

Review of 'Doctrine'

Article by   June 2010
You may be interested in my review of Mark Driscoll's book on theology over at my blog here. ... continue

Flavel and the art of the simple

Article by   June 2010
I have been re-reading - and using as the basis of our midweek Prayer Meeting studies at the moment - John Flavel's great work on 'Keeping the Heart'. His meditations on Proverbs 4:23 were originally published under the title of... continue

Meeting of the Celts

Article by   May 2010
We had a most interesting fellowship meeting in our congregation last night. I, a Scot, hosted a missionary from Ireland, and had a Welshman, visiting our congregation, lead in prayer. I cannot publicise any details about the missionary, because of... continue

A new perspective on Scotland?

Article by   April 2010
The University of St Andrews this week announced that NT Wright is to resign his bishopric in Durham to take up the Chair of New Testament and Early Christianity in the School of Divinity there. The announcement may be read... continue

Don Carson on Living in the Last Days

Article by   April 2010
Christian Focus has published an excellent little booklet by Don Carson, entitled From the Resurrection to His Return: Living Faithfully in the Last Days. It would be a terrific gift for students leaving home or for basic Bible study on... continue

The Covenanter Encyclopedia

Article by   April 2010
Just obtained a copy of a new book by Dane Love, who teaches history at one of Ayrshire's Secondary Schools in Scotland, and who has written on aspects of Scottish history. This book is The Covenanter Encyclopedia, published by Fort... continue

American street evangelist jailed in Scotland

Article by   March 2010
I don't know much about Shawn Holes, except that he was in Glasgow last week preaching the Gospel on the street, and then arrested and charged with making homophobic and prejudiced statements. Apparently someone asked him what he thought about... continue

New history book from Sandy Finlayson

Article by   March 2010
Prof Sandy Finlayson of Westminster Theological Seminary has published a new book on the formative leaders of the Free Church of Scotland. Unity and Diversity has been published by Christian Focus Publications. It gives biographical studies of men like Thomas... continue

William Cunningham's advice to theology students on their use of the Sabbath

Article by   February 2010
"Your professional studies may rightly occupy the principal share of your time and attention for six days in the week, just like the ordinary lawful secular business of other men; but on the Lord's Day you ought to be chiefly... continue
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