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Geoffrey Grogan (1925-2011)

Article by   October 2011
First of all, apologies for my absence from this blog for the past few months. You seem to have managed without me. Second, apologies for not realising until today that Geoffrey Grogan, former lecturer in London Bible College (now London School... continue

Free Church of Scotland Assembly

Article by   May 2011
This year's General Assembly is now in session. It can be viewed live on the Free Church of Scot,land website; at the very least you ought to read the Moderator's outstanding address on the Glory of Christ. Details at continue

Theology on the Web: Scripture Tools for Every Pastor (STEP)

Article by   May 2011
Tyndale House have an interesting collection of theological and other resources available here. Worth a browse!... continue

Festschrift for Donald Macleod

Article by   May 2011
First off, I must apologise for my absence since last July, due to personal circumstances which are only now easing and allowing me back into my routine. Well done to the other seem to have done well enough without... continue

Reformission Scotland

Article by   September 2010
Some information about a new church work in Scotland is available here. The website also includes a recent video about the work which can be viewed here. ... continue

The Encyclopedia Puritannica Project

Article by   August 2010
I'm currently at the Puritan Reformed Conference in Grand Rapids, and thoroughly enjoying myself. 'The Beauty and Glory of Christ' - why did no-one think of a conference with this grand theme before? One of the blessings is books and... continue

Our debt to the Scottish Reformation

Article by   August 2010
Our Presbytery this week organised a lecture delivered by Professor Donald Macleod of the Free Church College, Edinburgh, on the theme of 'Our Debt to the Scottish Reformation'. It was outstanding, and well worth tuning in here to give it... continue

Preaching in Northumbria

Article by   July 2010
I have just been preaching at the Longhorsley Bible Convention in Northumbria (2-4 July 2010). This was my second visit to the convention, and my fellow-labourer in the preaching ministry was Dr Peter Naylor, minister with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church... continue

Some thoughts on pulpit methodology

Article by   June 2010
There is a philosophy current among evangelical preachers that one is not really preaching unless one is expounding and explaining a book of the Bible theme by theme, passage by passage, week by week. In some places, as I have... continue

The spirit and practice of Sabbath keeping

Article by   June 2010
We had an excellent meeting in Stornoway last night at which Ian Hamilton spoke on 'the spirit and practice of Sabbath keeping'. I'm not sure why the confessional position of the first day of the week being the Christian Sabbath... continue
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