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Not Just a Soup Kitchen by David Apple

Article by   September 2014
Today, so many churches are comfortable following the practice of previous generations that didn't involve themselves in ministries of mercy. Many today are fearful of thinking "outside of the box" and lack vision and biblical direction. In 1983, one small... continue

Blindness, Loneliness, and the Abundant Christian Life

Article by   August 2014
My wife and I had been married for nearly a week.  Getting home from work, we decided to order a pizza that night for supper.  About a half hour later, we heard a knock at the door and asked, "Who... continue


Article by   July 2014
Countless times someone has said to me, "You'll be able to see in Heaven."  This is likely true, but I want to explore another possibility.  Suppose in Heaven some of us are left with the disabilities or deformities we were... continue

Blindness and the Church: Image, Reality, and Appropriate Behavior

Article by   June 2014
"People see me all the time And they just can't remember how to act. Their minds are filled with big ideas, Images, and distorted facts."                              ... continue

Faith of Our Fathers

Article by   June 2014
I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. On Father's Day I will be in the same place doing the same thing that I have done for the past 35 years. No, not in my church preaching a Father's Day sermon.... continue

What do those with disabilities owe those without?

Article by   June 2014
I am a blind person.  Admittedly, beginning a piece with such a declaration seems odd.  Blindness however plays a key role in my life.  It has shaped me in many ways and has forced me to ask questions of... continue

A New Evangelism : Bold and Loving

Article by   December 2013
Few things are tougher to do today than evangelize. Actually, that's not entirely true. Few things seem tougher to do today than evangelize. Why the modification-on-the-fly? Because too many of us think and act as if everyone beyond the church is... continue

Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011

Article by   December 2011
What are Christians to make of the death of perhaps God's most outspoken critic? What is the Christian attitude to the death of the wicked? I must confess my first response was undignified, self-righteous and downright sinful. I could see... continue

What Are You Doing After High School?

Article by   December 2011
Editor's Note: We welcome Lydia Sorkness, our guest blogger. Ms. Sorkness is a freshman in college and the daughter of an OPC ruling elder in the Philadelphia area. 0 0 1 973 5550 Westminster Theological Seminary 46 13 6510 14.0... continue

There was a Girl. Fifteen Years Old: An Adoption Story

Article by   April 2011
NOTE: Our guest blogger is Rev. Charlie Abbate, pastor of Cornerstone Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Ambler, Pennsylvania. "Well what's going to happen to her?" I asked.  "You know what'll happen to her," my wife answered back.  "Then we're going to... continue
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