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Catholicism or Consumerism? A Question to Carl Trueman about Ash Wednesday and Lent

Article by   February 2015
It's that time of year again: when we catholic Christians brace ourselves for the blizzard of blog posts by chilly Puritans who hope to warn their flocks against the vices of Ash Wednesday and Lent. I don't have much interest... continue

The Visible Word

Article by   November 2014
Jason HelopoulosChristward CollectiveI was visiting a church once and heard an exchange between a pastor and one of his congregants that has stayed with me ever since. A woman asked the pastor before the service, "Is the video this morning... continue

Jesus, the True and Greater Gardener - from Nick Batzig

Article by   September 2014
The Scriptures tell us that the Son of God began His sufferings in a Garden and brought them to a close in a Garden. That is an absolutely amazing display of God's wisdom. After all, Jesus is the second Adam... continue

6 Ways to Benefit from Reading Genealogies, by Matthew Holst

Article by   September 2014
Most Christians inwardly, if not outwardly, groan when they arrive at a genealogy in their Bible reading. This is a shame. The genealogies are wonderful and I love studying (not just reading) and preaching them.  They are compressed histories of... continue

Not Just a Soup Kitchen by David Apple

Article by   September 2014
Today, so many churches are comfortable following the practice of previous generations that didn't involve themselves in ministries of mercy. Many today are fearful of thinking "outside of the box" and lack vision and biblical direction. In 1983, one small... continue

Blindness, Loneliness, and the Abundant Christian Life

Article by   August 2014
My wife and I had been married for nearly a week.  Getting home from work, we decided to order a pizza that night for supper.  About a half hour later, we heard a knock at the door and asked, "Who... continue


Article by   July 2014
Countless times someone has said to me, "You'll be able to see in Heaven."  This is likely true, but I want to explore another possibility.  Suppose in Heaven some of us are left with the disabilities or deformities we were... continue

Blindness and the Church: Image, Reality, and Appropriate Behavior

Article by   June 2014
"People see me all the time And they just can't remember how to act. Their minds are filled with big ideas, Images, and distorted facts."                              ... continue

Faith of Our Fathers

Article by   June 2014
I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. On Father's Day I will be in the same place doing the same thing that I have done for the past 35 years. No, not in my church preaching a Father's Day sermon.... continue

What do those with disabilities owe those without?

Article by   June 2014
I am a blind person.  Admittedly, beginning a piece with such a declaration seems odd.  Blindness however plays a key role in my life.  It has shaped me in many ways and has forced me to ask questions of... continue
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