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Should Rodney be banned (or worse??)?

Article by   July 2007
In light of the unusually large number of complaints (i.e., two hundred and twenty-seven, though all from the same email address – large Catholic family, we’re guessing) about Rodney Trotter's offensive blogging, we’ve asked Robert Plant (no, not the legendary... continue

Vlad the Taxi Driver on Orthodoxy

Article by   July 2007
I have remained silent for too long.  Trueman's reactionary commendation of Bob Letham on Orthodoxy cannot go without response, so I've invited one of Transylvania's leading theologians to respond: Vlad Dracul -- no, not the medieval scourge of the Carpathian mountains... continue

Mark Bolan Speaks: Fire Trueman NOW!!

Article by   May 2007
In light of the deeply offensive emails posted by our fellow blogger, Carl Trueman, over the last week, where he made such outrageous, extreme, heretical and gratuitously poisonous claims as `You know, maybe not all women should feel they have... continue

Not another book on the Reformation!

Article by   March 2007
Goodness me!  Steve Nichols has produced yet another book on the Reformation: The Reformation: How a Monk and a Mallet Changed the World (Crossway).  Come on people, get with the program -- the kids of today don't want to hear... continue

A view from the cab

Article by   February 2007
In line with recent practice, we have asked a celebrity cab driver to speak on an issue of the hour.  This week: Should Derek Thomas be sacked for not bothering to change the blog question more than once a year? ... continue

Three new books

Article by   January 2007
The book review section of Reformed Man Today lists the following three must reads for all cutting-edge confessional types out there:... continue

The Conversion of Del-Boy -- a Clarification

Article by   January 2007
In a recent post, taxi driver Keith Moon was quoted as saying that entertainer and post-Wittgensteinian linguistic philosopher, Charo, claimed in the back of his cab that Del-Boy was converted at a Stryper concert.  It has since emerged that this... continue

An oldie but goodie

Article by   January 2007
Wandering in a second-hand bookshop the other day (won't say it was in a state of ancient disrepair, but the graffitti in the rest room read, variously, `Squeaky Fromme is Innocent', `Rousas Rushdoony is my Homeboy' and `Tex Ritter Taught... continue

You heard it here first

Article by   August 2006
Just received the two latest tracts by Jack Chick.  Relevant, sensitive, and scrupulously accurate as always, these are on Islam.  Two things are worthy of note: first, the wonderfully ethnically sensitive portrayal of the physiognomy of Arabs.  Mmmm, where have... continue
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