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Christ the Center on These Last Days

Article by   April 2011
Our good friends over at Reformed Forum kindly interviewed Rick Phillips and me about our new book These Last Days. If you're not familiar with Christ the Center, stop by and take a listen! In addition to our recent chat,... continue

Get These Last Days for 50% Off

Article by   April 2011
Reformed Resources is offering These Last Days at 50% off! Pick up a copy of this book, which contains all the substance of last year's PCRT addresses, including chapters by Ligon Duncan, Michael Horton, Sinclair Ferguson and Paul David Tripp.... continue

PCRT Greenville Underway!

Article by   April 2011
There's still time to get in on a great weekend of teaching in and fellowship - just head over to Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, if you're in the area! Today, Rick Phillips will be speaking about godly masculinity and... continue

Springtime in the South

Article by   March 2011
...but not in the north, as I endured a below 20 degree walk to the office from Suburban station today. What can cure the cold weather ills? Talking about adoption at PCRT Greenville this weekend. For a third year, the... continue

PCRT Grand Rapids

Article by   March 2011
After a great time in Portland, PCRT heads to Grand Rapids this weekend (March 18-20). Be on the lookout for some postings here about all things PCRT! You can always register online here for any location.... continue

On Being Afriad of Virginia Woolf (and art pastors)

Article by   February 2011
In the Lord's gracious providence, I recently had the opportunity to travel with my family to my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina to participate in the ordination service of a dear friend (a thrilling experience, by the way). While escaping... continue

Full Confidence Greenville

Article by   November 2010
Westminster Theological Seminary's Full Confidence Conference tour ends its fall portion this weekend (Nov 19-21) at Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC (pastored by Alliance Council Member and WTS alumnus, Rick Phillips). Speakers for the event include Richard Gaffin, Scott... continue

Republocrat Again

Article by   November 2010
The most postmodern of sins has to be hypocrisy - "being inauthentic," if we want to use quasi-Satre categories. We are quick to recognize it in others and, like most sins, slow - painfully slow - to recognise (HT: Carl... continue

Republocrat Redux (or part two of the conversation)

Article by   November 2010
Well, first I must apologize for dereliction of duty. Not only have I failed to be a good conversation partner, but I failed to wish Dr. Thomas well on his journey to the land where the ideas of Dr. Trueman's... continue

Uncomfortable Grace

Article by   October 2010
Before Dr. Thomas and I begin our excursion into the often-imitated-never-duplicated world of Carl Trueman, I came across this passage in Dr. Paul Tripp's chapter for the upcoming Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology book (due out by this year's PCRT!). In... continue
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