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Washington Conference on the Christian Life

Article by   October 2011
If you're in the DC area this weekend (and judging by my recent driving experience on I-95, at any given time, half of America is in the DC area), you will not want to miss the Washington Conference on the... continue

The Forgotten Best Friend of Celebrity Pastors

Article by   October 2011
In between (at times heated) discussions with my wife as to how we can come up with the 250 quid for the new Trotter conference (on top of the airfare) and prepping for our podcast ("Woman, be quiet about the... continue

A Hymn That Would Not Be Written Today

Article by   September 2011
Reading (and watching) Dr. Trueman's posts the past couple of days regarding rock star pastor Perry Noble (a disgrace to my hometown area of Greenville, SC), coupled with Dr. Eglinton's excellent piece, reminded me of one of my favorite hymns... continue

Discussing Atonement

Article by   September 2011
I'll be on the Janet Medford show tomorrow (Thursday) at 1 PM CST discussing the book I edited a couple years ago, Atonement. You can catch it online here.... continue

The Cultural Memory is Fading

Article by   August 2011
The recent appointment of Ann Coulter to the GOProud advisory council will no doubt cause much controversy. However, I think it simply demonstrates what many evangelicals will likely be uncomfortable admitting: many so-called "conservatives" like Coulter are cultural conservatives. And... continue

A True Non-Celebrity Pastor Moment

Article by   August 2011
There are at least two things that the world at large should know about the Rev. Dr. Trueman. First, he does not have fangs, does not make cuddly puppies run in the opposite direction, and shows signs of having smiled... continue

New Resource on the Canon

Article by   June 2011
Since Trueman is showing some love to Cardinal Newman, click here for an excellent apologetics resource to answer the perennial questions Newman and his ilk raise against the Protestant canon - as well as more answers to other questions concerning... continue

Christ the Center PCRT Discussion

Article by   May 2011
Our good friends at Christ the Center very kindly did some broadcasts from PCRT Philadelphia last weekend. Click here to listen to the crew discuss Biblical manhood and womanhood. A great addition to a great event!... continue

Chrysostom, Christians and Critiques

Article by   April 2011
One of the things Christians are increasingly hearing from secular critics is that Christianity is not only wrong, but evil; it's false but also immoral. One of the best responses to this phenomena is a recent book by the guys... continue

Rick Phillips on the Mark Daniels Show

Article by   April 2011
Check out Rick Phillips talking about PCRT here this past Thursday on the Mark Daniels Show here in Philadelphia. You can register here for PCRT Philly!... continue
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