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R&R in 2012

Article by   January 2012
No, not "rest and relaxation." Rather, "reflect and repent." The New Year gives us time to do both. I was exhorted to these twin graces after hearing two (outstanding) sermons by Pastor Charles Biggs this past weekend. A good place... continue

New Vatican File

Article by   December 2011
The newest installment of the Vatican Files is an excellent piece on Paul's theology and Roman Catholicism. Click here to read!... continue

Trueman's Annual Christmas Article

Article by   December 2011
Click here for Trueman's latest optimistic take on all things relative to Christmas.... continue

New Edwards Article

Article by   December 2011
Click here for Jeffrey Waddington's excellent brief bio of Jonathan Edwards. You can never have too much of the Northampton heavyweight!... continue

Don't Strive To Be a Great Preacher

Article by   December 2011
Reading Levy's post this morning set me thinking. As I prepare to transition from PhD studies back to pastoral ministry in the local church, I've received much wise counsel from older saints on making said transition. One aspect of it... continue

Zeal For Godliness Review

Article by   December 2011
Our good friend Malcolm Maclean reviews Zeal for Godliness; you can read it here: ZFG Review.pdf. Too, you can scroll down here on the r21 blog and get a great deal on this book. Bless someone with Calvin's Institutes in the... continue

Trueman Exposed

Article by   November 2011
Finally! For all of his clamoring against celebrity pastors, photographic evidence has emerged that unmistakably shows Trueman as that which he loathes. It appears from the photo below that the good Dr. knows quite a bit more about celebrity than... continue

New Article by Trueman

Article by   November 2011
Check out Dr. Trueman's latest piece here... continue

Thinking about a PhD?

Article by   November 2011
Because if you are, Westminster Theological Seminary is offering scholarships. A number of us here at ref21 are either current or former PhD students at WTS and I think we can all attest to what a blessing it has been... continue

Full Version of "Towards a Faithful Witness" Available

Article by   November 2011
The full print version of Pastor Seaton's response is now available for download as a PDF. Simply go to the article "In Pursuit of a Faithful Witness" at and scroll about halfway down. Read the full version and pray... continue
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