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PCRT Podcast

Article by   May 2012
Our friends at Christ the Center captured some of this year's PCRT with this interview. Enjoy!... continue

Guest Blog: The MPAA - Catering to Our Inner Pharisee

Article by   April 2012
Editors' Note: This post was written by John Perritt (M.Div; Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson), who is the Youth Pastor at Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church in Ridgeland, MS.  In addition to his pastor duties, he is currently working on biblical counseling certificates... continue

Last Call for Questions

Article by   April 2012
First, thanks to all of our readers for the excellent questions submitted so far! There's still time to email more questions to r21@alliancenet.orgBeginning next month, Dr. Oliphint will post article-length replies to your questions. Thank you again!... continue

New Blogger at reformation21

Article by   April 2012
The editors welcome Pastor Rob Ventura as our newest addition to the reformation21 blog team. He is the pastor of Grace Community Baptist Church in Cumberland, Rhode Island and co-author, along with fellow ref21 blogger Jeremy Walker, of A Portrait... continue

Call For Questions

Article by   April 2012
We here at reformation21 pride ourselves on customer service (for examples, look no further than our (failed?) attempts at toning down Levy and posting doctored pics of Trueman). Pursuant to that end, we are calling for your questions for our... continue

VanDoodewaard on Witsius

Article by   March 2012
Our friend Dr. William VanDoodewaard has posted this piece on Witsius on preaching law and gospel.... continue

Obama and Embryo Adoption

Article by   March 2012
I am a snowflake father. Those terms may be unfamiliar to many, if not most, people reading this. A "snowflake baby" is a child that was born because of embryo adoption. My wife and I completed our adoption through Snowflakes... continue

Follow the Texas Conference Live

Article by   March 2012
Our good friend Rev. Andrew Moody will be live blogging the Texas Hill Country Bible conference here. Click to follow along as Derek Thomas, Steve Lawson, and Paul Jones unfold God's truth in Texas!... continue

Richard Belcher, Jr. Replies to Collins's Reply

Article by   February 2012
Editors' Note: Below is Dr. Richard Belcher, Jr.'s reply to Dr. C. John Collins's reply. We give Dr. Belcher the last word.I thank Dr. Collins for his response to my "review" of his book. My response will be limited to... continue

C. John Collins Replies to Richard Belcher, Jr.

Article by   February 2012
Editors' Note: Dr. C. John Collins has offered this response to Dr. Richard Belcher, Jr.'s article recently published on reformation21. Click here to read that article.C. JOHN COLLINSReply to Richard Belcher, "Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? A review":Reformation21 article,... continue
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