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Through the Westminster Confession Coming Monday!

Article by   January 2013
This Monday, January 14, we will launch a weekly study of the Westminster Confession of Faith. Look for new entries on a weekly basis on each chapter of the Confession from contributors such as Joel Beeke, Richard Phillips, Jeffrey Jue,... continue

Mel Duncan Reviews The Hobbit

Article by   December 2012
A few years ago, on a warm spring afternoon in Jackson, MS, I detected a note of surprise in the man's voice. He had just finished a PhD on Tolkien and was delighted by the questions of my dear friend... continue

"Not Enough Evidence!": Augustine versus Russell

Article by   December 2012
Such was the (in)famous reply of atheistic British analytic philosopher Bertrand Russell when asked what he would say if, upon his death, he found out that God really existed. Our own Carl Trueman, eschewing the unbelief of Russell while evidencing the... continue

The New 'Dockers' Spokesman?

Article by   November 2012
A friend stumbled across this Dockers ad from a few years ago and sent it on after reading Dr. Trueman's recent piece. Surely the good doctor will be horrified to learn that an American clothing company got the jump on him!... continue

New Book on Calvin's Polish Connections

Article by   November 2012
Our friend and fellow contributor, Dr. Dariusz Brycko alerted us to this very important work on Calvin. Dr. Brycko writes:"I have the privilege of volunteering as international secretary at the University of Warsaw's Committee on the Reformation in Poland and... continue

Brady Bunch-less?

Article by   October 2012
Imagine the Brady Bunch, the hit TV show from the 70's, being re-packed for today's viewers. Would the plot identify with the majority of younger couples - or even Boomers? Not according to a recent article at the Weekly Standard (HT:... continue

Free Puritan Book

Article by   October 2012
Now that I have your attention, there actually is a free Puritan book! Click here to download John Preston's The Fullness of Christ. The book is part of a new publishing venture, The New Puritan Press. Check it out!... continue

Trueman Down Under

Article by   August 2012
The recent issue of Ambassador magazine, of the Melbourne School of Theology, features our resident celebrity, Dr. Trueman. Nevertheless, he still has street cred: few celebrity pastors get the title "International Scholar." ... continue

Evans/VanDoodewaard Exchange on Creation

Article by   June 2012
Interested readers may follow the continuing exchange between Drs. William Evans and William VanDoodewaard over at the Aquilla Report.Here is the link to Evans's response to Dr. VanDoodewaard's piece, which was originally posted here at reformation21.Here is Dr. VanDoodewaard's rejoinder... continue

Guest Post: Response to William Evans

Article by   June 2012
Editors' Note: The following is a response to William Evans's recent reformation 21 article by Dr. William VanDoodewaard, who is associate professor of church history at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and an ordained minister in the ARP.William Evans's latest piece... continue
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