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William Evans and the Days of Creation

Article by   July 2013
Prof. William Evans of Erskine College has taken on Al Mohler on the days of creation, among other things. Steve Hays at Triablogue has offered a thorough response here. HT: The Aquila Report... continue

Start the Weekend with Derek Thomas

Article by   May 2013
A fascinating and well-done interview with our own Derek Thomas. Enjoy!... continue

The Alliance Has Moved!

Article by   May 2013
After more than six decades at our historic, four-storied brownstone in Center City Philadelphia, the Alliance moved to nearby Lancaster, PA. While we miss the beauty of the craftsmanship at our old location, this move is an example of our... continue

Michael Kruger Reviews Rob Bell

Article by   May 2013
New Testament scholar par excellence Dr. Michael Kruger reviews Rob Bell's latest book here. If the words "shooting fish in a barrel" come to mind, the reader would be correct! All kidding aside, Kruger is spot-on, careful, and, as always,... continue

Pastors and Their Critics: Critics

Article by   April 2013
In yesterday's action-packed episode, I presented some ways ministers might deal with criticism. Today, I want to look at those who bring criticism to pastors.If you've been in a church for any length of time, you know the pastor's critics.... continue

Pastors and Their Critics: Pastors

Article by   April 2013
With due awareness of the liabilities, I would like to venture on to the delicate ice of how pastors should receive - and congregants give - criticism. The reason I feel emboldened to do so is that I have had,... continue

Mortification of Spin talks Rosaria Butterfield's Book

Article by   March 2013
Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt recently sat down to talk about Rosaria Butterfield's book The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, which details her conversion to Christ from lesbianism. This is a must-listen!... continue

The Pope and John McClane

Article by   February 2013
No, that's not the title of the latest po-mo book on reaching the unchurched. Rather, its intended to draw your attention to the new piece on ref21 by our friend Leonardo De Chirco on the Pope's last encyclical, as well... continue

China's Churches

Article by   February 2013
Make sure you don't miss Dr. Bruce Baugus's series on the church in China. It is an absolutely fascinating overview and history of the Lord's work in this great land. Check out the first part here and the latest post... continue

Trueman Debate Video

Article by   January 2013
Since Trueman's assent to stardom as Augustine redivivus, the requests for copies of the debate have almost crashed our server. Ok, so maybe that's a bit of an embellishment, but either way you can watch the debate here:Part 1: 2: continue
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