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Paul Helm Responds to Scott Oliphint

Article by   June 2014
Paul Helm has responded to Scott Oliphint's recent article "Tolle Lege" at reformation21.... continue

Peter Jones on Gender Issues

Article by   June 2014
In his typically well-informed way, Peter Jones has once again demonstrated the importance of thinking Biblically about issues of gender and sexuality.... continue

Oliphint Responds to Helm

Article by   June 2014
Dr. Scott Oliphint responds on ref21 to Dr. Paul Helm.... continue

Jennings and Garner Respond

Article by   June 2014
The Jennings-Garner exchange continues this week. Click here to read the first part and here to read today's exchange.... continue

Oliphint on iTunes

Article by   May 2014
Looking for an outstanding introduction on how to defend your faith? Regular ref21 contributor Dr. Scott Oliphint's introductory apologetics lectures are now available on iTunes U. Also, be sure to stop by ref21 frequently, as Dr. Oliphint continues his series... continue

Church Planting in Grand Rapids?!?

Article by   April 2014
This coming Wednesday, April 16th, at 7pm Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church a "new, old church" will launch its first public gatherings in the heart of the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The church plant is beginning with its Wednesday evening... continue

World REVision

Article by   March 2014
Our friend Dr. Peter Jones of TruthXChange has written a timely and helpful piece on the World Vision debacle, which also touches on a number of other hot-button issues. Tolle Lege!... continue

Welcome, Leon Brown!

Article by   December 2013
We're excited to announce the latest addition to our blog team here at ref21, Rev. Leon Brown. He is a husband, father, pastor, and author. His recently published Words in Season: On Sharing the Hope that is Within Us. He... continue

New Alliance Website

Article by   October 2013
No doubt, gentle reader, you have thought to yourself, "Where can I read more Reformed articles and find great Reformed resources on the web?" Well, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is happy to answer that question with the launch of... continue

Noel Weeks on Biblical Background

Article by   July 2013
There is great confusion today about the role and possible influence of ancient Near Eastern texts on the Old Testament, particularly the opening chapters of Genesis. Last fall, Dr. Noel Weeks, expert historian and Senior Lecturer in Ancient History at... continue
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