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Unrelated but Note-worthy

Article by   October 2014
1. Since I have been vocal when I disagree with him, let me commend Mark Jones' most recent blog post here at Ref21 as good medicine.  I'll resume the merciless beatings of P&R theology at some point in the future;... continue

How Jesus Saves

Article by   October 2014
Jesus saves by grace, through faith, unto works.  We don't want Scripture to be crumbs in a bag, after all.When we forget that, or try to manage it that somehow we're just tokens of his glory, we abandon the complete... continue

Poured out

Article by   October 2014
It's Friday, and all good people have an eye to preparing themselves for the Lord's day at this point in their week, and especially if they have been working in the secular world actually investing or spending the grace of... continue

On the Beauty of the Local Church

Article by   October 2014
Our dear brother Paul Levy, who obviously needs a decent baptism, has affirmed that "networks, associations, affiliations and fellowships don't cut it," which is a fantastic assertion for a fellow whose standard confession of faith stops short of actually affirming... continue

Just Add Water (Epilogue)

Article by   October 2014
Now that we have spread out into part 5 of a 4-part series, there's a question I did not answer last time because it was much more serious than the other questions which have been added to this discussion by... continue

Just Add Water (4 of 4)

Article by   October 2014
Closing Thoughts/Parting Shots/One LinersWell, they tell me it's been an exciting week here at Ref21 (that's what they tell me - we should try calling out antinomianism in divorced Christian music artists if we really want to light up the... continue

Just Add Water (3 of 4)

Article by   October 2014
As this series continues, I wanted to remind you of a couple of disclaimers:The opinions and arguments here are mine and not the arguments of the Alliance.  Hate the player and not the game in this case.The arguments I will... continue

Lifetime Achievement Award

Article by   October 2014
I now have a tag at Ref 21 named after me, and I didn't set it up. Thx to Mrs. Byrd who had to be crushed in order to relinquish the right view of baptism.(The more we hear about these... continue

A Courteous Pause

Article by   October 2014
I've been asked by the cabal of nameless puppet masters who run Ref21 to take a time-out while Dr. Jones formulates his response to my first two parts of the "Just Add Water" series, and I'll be doing that.  I... continue

Just Add Water (2 of 4)

Article by   September 2014
This is the second of 4 parts in response to Dr. Mark Jones on the question and meaning of Baptism and the Lord's table as the question stands between Baptistic types who practice a closed table and Presbyterian types who... continue
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