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Warfield, the Incarnation & Self-Sacrifice

Article by   January 2016
As was noted at the conclusion of the second part of this series, Warfield, in "The Example of the Incarnation," believes that there are four inferences to be drawn from the content of Phil. 2.5-8.First, God is capable of self-sacrifice.... continue

Imitating the Incarnation?

Article by   December 2015
"'Christ our Example': after 'Christ our Redeemer,' no words can more deeply stir the Christian heart than these. Every Christian joyfully recognizes the example of Christ, as, in the admirable words of a great Scottisht commentator, a body 'of living... continue

Warfield on the Incarnation

Article by   December 2015
Cur Deus homo? "Why did God become a man?," Anselm asked. This is a question that has exercised theologians for hundreds of years, with the canonical materials receiving their first deep and searching analysis in Athanasius' On the Incarnation of... continue

The Case of Corinth, or: How to Introduce Dogmatic and Sacramental Disorder in a Few Easy Steps

Article by   February 2015
Is Paul also among the sacramentarians?When the Apostle uses a word six times in five verses, it is probably worthwhile to pay attention and ask what he is up to. This is what he does with the verb βαπτίζειν in... continue

Should we Assent to the Descent?

Article by   January 2015
Did Christ descend into hell?With this question, as with so many others, much depends upon what one means by the words--in this case, much depends on the meaning of all three words, "descended," "into," and "hell." The question is felt... continue
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