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In the beginning...

Article by   October 2009
In the beginning God separated pre-existing matter according to the Dutch professor, Ellen van Wolde. In an article that appears here, Professor Wolde claims the Hebrew text of Genesis 1:1 has been mistranslated until -- yes, until she came along... continue

Will a Loving God Condemn People to Hell?

Article by   September 2009
It is a question that came my way recently: will God really condemn good people to hell? And the answer is yes. However, we need to approach the answer with some deliberate sensitivity. First, we need to assert three inviolable... continue

Falling in Love with the Church -- again

Article by   September 2009
“Love me, love my dog,” they say, and my poor dog has been sick all summer and continues to be in bad shape. But it is not dogs I am writing about here; it is the church. Jesus seems to... continue

Thabiti Anyabwile on Christ the Center

Article by   August 2009
Interesting interview here with Thabiti Anyabwile.... continue

Euthanasia of Mission

Article by   August 2009
My former colleague in ministry in Belfast and good friend, Dr. John Ross, currently at Dumisani Theological Institute (King William's Town, South Africa) has written a fascinating piece on missions here. Ref21 readers will find it well worth reading.... continue

Paul Helm in Helm's Deep

Article by   August 2009
If you haven't read Paul Helm latest review of Professor Charles' Partee's book, The Theology of John Calvin, do so immediately.  You will find it here.  As they say in Belfast, "It's a cracker!"... continue

Belated Happy Birthday, Gresham Machen

Article by   August 2009
Machen's birthday (July 28) went almost unnoticed (blame Calvin), but our friend Martin Downes has put together a helpful Machen resource here.... continue

Wee Frees welcomes defectors from the Church of Scotland?

Article by   July 2009
In the continued coverage of the decision of the Church of Scotland to appoint an openly gay minister, our friend, David Robertson, editor of the Monthly Record (the official magazine of the Free Church of Scotland) has recently been cited... continue

Calvin500 (5)

Article by   July 2009
Day 5: and more sermons: Ted Donnelly with a superlative exposition of the closing verses of Romans 8 (if you can get a hold of this sermon you should); Hywel Jones on the Elihu narratives in Job (making the case... continue

Twins at Calvin500

Article by   July 2009
Phil Ryken trying to be me outside St. Pierre Cathedral, Geneva.       Day 4 and 3 more sermons: Geoff Thomas on election, Joel Beeke on the church and Martin Holdt on Psalm 100. "How can you know if... continue
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