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New Radio slot

Article by   January 2010
I recently heard that Pilgrim Radio will be broadcasting Christ the Center on FM radio. Pilgrim Radio airs 24 hours a day in 5 States. They broadcast The Al Mohler Program, as well as  R.C. Sproul, John Piper, and Alistair Begg. Christ the Center is the weekly podcast of the Reformed... continue

Happy New Year to Ref21 readers

Article by   January 2010
Starting Monday, and every weekday thereafter during 2010, Ref21 will inlcude a brief devotional blog based on a reading from McCheyne's famous calendar. Check the front page on Monday for the link (it should appear on the left hand side in... continue

Helm's Christmas Cracker

Article by   December 2009
Don't miss Paul Helm's annual Christmas message here... continue

Welcoming Justice

Article by   December 2009
I'm reading, Welcoming Justice: God's Movement Toward Beloved Community (IVP, just published) By Charles Marsh and John Perkins (foreword by Philip Yancey). I have met John Perkins many times (interestingly more often than not, on board airplanes when we have been... continue

And why they didn't sign...

Article by   December 2009
As Ligon Duncan writes above, some Alliance Council members have not signed the Manhattan Declaration and have posted statements explaining their position. These statements can be found at the following locations:   R. C. Sproul here   Alistair Begg here... continue

Books, books...

Article by   December 2009
I have been mulling over the books I most enjoyed reading this past year (limiting myself to those published in 2009): There was Perspectives on Christian Worship: 5 Views , ed. J. Matthew Pinson (B & H Publishers). Actually, six... continue

Hell and its problems

Article by   November 2009
Further to recent blogs on the topic "How Can a loving God send People to Hell?" readers might like to watch a video clip (posted by Martin Downes) of Don Carson answering this question, here.... continue

Books on my desk...

Article by   November 2009
  A couple of books that have come my way are outstanding: the first, by Tony Merida (Ok, he's in Mississippi, so I'm biased), called Faithful Preaching: Declaring Scripture with Responsibility, Passion, and Authenticity (B&H Publishing, 2009). Merida has... continue

Packer on hell

Article by   November 2009
Martin Downes draws my attention to a lecture on hell and annhilation given by J. I. Packer in Cardiff in 1991.  You can find an audio file here.... continue

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress

Article by   October 2009
Crossway have just published a brand new edition of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, edited by C. J. Lovik with superb (breathtaking) illustrations by Mike Wimmer. "If any smoothing of Bunyan's seventeenth century language plus new colored pictures can set Pilgrim's Progress... continue
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