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Together for the Gospel

Article by   April 2010
Seven thousand men, half of whom appear to be under 35, gathered together to sing traditional hymns and avow orthodox theology in lectures that would test a seminary student. What is it that gives this conference (T4G in Louisville, KY)... continue

Philip Pullman threated by "religious zealots"

Article by   March 2010
Philip Pullman, the author of the trilogy, His Dark Materials ("Lord of the Rings" it is not), is to release a book this coming weekend called, The Good man Jesus, and the Scoundrel Christ. Ahead of the launch, he has,... continue

Piety's Wisdom

Article by   March 2010
Mark Beach has done us all a service by publishing an introduction to Calvin's Institutes -- Piety's Wisdom.I have to confess that my first encounter with Calvin's magnum opus proved a difficult one. Calvin's logic was not mine at the... continue

The Trials of Church Historians

Article by   March 2010
Just landed on my desk: a copy of The Trials of Theology: Becoming a 'Proven Worker' in a Dangerous Business edited by Andrew J. B. Cameron and Brian S. Rosner (Christian Focus). Essays include voices from the past (Luther, Spurgeon,... continue

Preaching again...

Article by   March 2010
Further to my last post, my good friend Dr. John Ross (Dumisani Theological Institute, King William's Town, SA), made the following insightful comment:"I fully agree it is pushing the envelope to say that a meaningful encounter with God happens nowhere... continue

More on Barthian preaching

Article by   March 2010
Further to Carl's comments on Barthian preaching...   Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Barthian preaching is their belief that something happens in preaching that happens nowhere else. Lacking an authoritative epistemological base, Barthians assume the posture all too common elsewhere... continue

Vanhoozer for Dummies

Article by   March 2010
Want to hear Kevin Vanhoozer explain his new book, "Remythologizing Theology"? Check out this interview with Guy Davies here.... continue


Article by   March 2010
Discouraged in ministry by the likes of Trotter et al?  I have been trying to keep Del Boy from responding too his errant younger brother but I fear his ire will explode soon. In the mean time, you should avail... continue

Shepherding: Dr. Timothy Witmer's new book

Article by   March 2010
It is something a record when Westminster Bookstore informs me that Dr Tim Witmer's new book on Shepherding has sold out in 2 days and that the publishers (P & R) are already on a second printing (due next week,... continue

Ryken's new book

Article by   March 2010
I have just received a copy of Phil Ryken's new (almost) book, Discovering God in Stories from the Bible (P & R) in which he examines the attributes of God from the stories of Moses, Saul, David and Job and others.... continue
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