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On the lighter side...

Article by   August 2010
Our friends at have just posted this. Can you name the three?  Think: a Scotsman, a Dutchman and and a Welshman... continue


Article by   August 2010
Carl Trueman's latest book, Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative (P & R), is due out shortly and you can find a video discussion of the book here by our friends in Christ the Center. Perhaps I should not mention that... continue

Every Bible Student needs a good atlas

Article by   August 2010
  Crossway's ESV BIBLE ATLAS by John D. Currid and David P. Barrett First, I declare a bias - well, two if I may: that I know John Currid (one of the co-authors of this volume -he's a colleague and... continue

Summer Reading (with the children)

Article by   July 2010
The Church History ABCs by Stephen Nichols & Ned Bustard (Crossway, 2010)   Delightfully produced, hilariously illustrated, the Church History ABCs captures the imagination by introducing children to 26 characters from church history, from Augustine to Zwingli. Bunyan was asked... continue

Wilhelmus à Brakel

Article by   June 2010
  Ref21 readers may be interested to know that the The Christian's Reasonable Service (4 Vols) by Wilhelmus à Brakel is available for download in pdf format (terrific for the Ipad!) from the translator's (Bart Elshout) web page here. On the... continue


Article by   June 2010
It appears that ref21 went "down" yesterday and a message appeared suggesting liquidation, expiration and general nastiness. Rumors that Trotter's blogs were the cause of it were only partially true. It does appear that the site was "hacked" (we were not... continue

Let God and Let God: An Analysis of Keswick Theology

Article by   June 2010
Let Go and Let God: An Analysis of Keswick Theology, by Andy Naselli has just been pre-released by Logos Bible Software. Among its many endorsers are Justin Taylor and Carl Trueman (see below). More information on the volume is... continue

Oliver Crisp: philosophy teacher gives an interview

Article by   May 2010
First, a million apologies for the poor service of late. Gremlins in the software that were beyond Jeremy and myself's ability to hunt and destroy. All seems to have been fixed however and as they say, normal service is now... continue

Puritan Reformed Conference

Article by   May 2010
August 26-28/Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary/Grand Rapids "The Beauty and Glory of Christ" Speakers include Iain D. Cambell, Al Martin, David Carmichael, Rick Phillips, James Grier, Joel Beeke For more information, see  ... continue

John Stott's Swan Song?

Article by   April 2010
John Stott's latest book, The Radical Disciple, has just been released in the USA (I think its been available in the UK for a while). Published by IVP, this has all the marks of a collector's piece about it.... continue
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