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Not Book burning but book buying...

Article by   September 2010
Our friends over at Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service (here) are having their annual "Customer Appreciation Sale" on Thursday with savings up to 40%. Among other publishers, they carry Crossway, EP, RHB, Baker, Shepherd Press, Christian Focus, Hendricksen, Day One,... continue

Bono for President?

Article by   September 2010
For all those politco-obsessives who have been devouring Tony Blair's naval-gazing memoirs, there's at least one shocker: Bono could have been a Prime Minister or President! See, here.... continue

BBC: "God did not create the universe"

Article by   September 2010
Further evidence of the erosion of a Christian worldview as the BBC and The Times recently announced "God did not create the Universe" -- aka Rupert Murdoch and Stephen Hawking (see here). In response, our friend David Robertson of the Dundee/Centre... continue

Should Preachers ever say, "I don't Know!"

Article by   August 2010
Sunday evening, at one of our infrequent sessions with the interns (supper and Q and A), Ligon and myself were asked an interesting question, one which has remained with me: what does a preacher do when confronted by differing opinions... continue

Remembering Marx... or not

Article by   August 2010
In our Friday morning staff meeting (at First Presbyterian Church, Jackson that is), Ligon invariably asks me to lead in a devotional. This morning I reflected for a moment or two on the fact that on August 26, 1824, Karl... continue

Late Summer Reading

Article by   August 2010
Not wishing to disturb Trueman (who seems to be on a roll), I have a couple of books to bring to your attention. Both of these are by former colleagues of mine (and therefore I'm totally biased). The first is... continue

On the lighter side...

Article by   August 2010
Our friends at have just posted this. Can you name the three?  Think: a Scotsman, a Dutchman and and a Welshman... continue


Article by   August 2010
Carl Trueman's latest book, Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative (P & R), is due out shortly and you can find a video discussion of the book here by our friends in Christ the Center. Perhaps I should not mention that... continue

Every Bible Student needs a good atlas

Article by   August 2010
  Crossway's ESV BIBLE ATLAS by John D. Currid and David P. Barrett First, I declare a bias - well, two if I may: that I know John Currid (one of the co-authors of this volume -he's a colleague and... continue

Summer Reading (with the children)

Article by   July 2010
The Church History ABCs by Stephen Nichols & Ned Bustard (Crossway, 2010)   Delightfully produced, hilariously illustrated, the Church History ABCs captures the imagination by introducing children to 26 characters from church history, from Augustine to Zwingli. Bunyan was asked... continue
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