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Roger Nicole 1915-2010

Article by   December 2010
Roger Nicole died last Friday, two days after his 95th birthday. Justin Taylor has written some reflections here. We, at Reformation21, are grateful to God for a theological giant who did so much for the kingdom of God.... continue

More on the Free Church of Scotland and worship

Article by   December 2010
Frequent contributor to Ref21, Dr. John Ross, has written a personal reflection on the recent decision of the plenary Assembly of the Free Church of Scotalnd to abandon its commitment to the exclusive use of unaccompanied psalmody in public worship. Dr. Ross... continue

Black Friday and capitalism

Article by   November 2010
I have been asked several times this week, "Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?" As a Brit living in America, it's not quite on the same level as, "Do you celebrate the 4th of July in Britain?" (Yes, I really have been... continue

What can Scottish Presbyterians Sing?

Article by   November 2010
In recent years, the commitment of the Free Church of Scotland to exclusive, unaccompanied psalm-singing in "formal" worship services has wavered. The issue, understandably, has divided an already fractured church. The church has taken the unusual step of calling a plenary... continue

Crossing the Tiber (again)

Article by   November 2010
Further to my blog entry below, Martin Downes has informed me that Charles Hodge's letter (in 1869) to Pius IX declining an invitation to attend the Vatican Council is now on-line here. To cite Hodge, "we are not heretics..."... continue

And yet more Anglicans... or ex-Anglicans

Article by   November 2010
Further to the blog entries by Carl and Paul, I note with some fascination the Canterbury trail is leading, well, to Rome. See here. It's curious: denials of doctrine seem to pass without too much difficulty, but a mere hint... continue

Trueman, Schnitzel, the Heidelberg disputation and psalms

Article by   October 2010
Fascinating day, partly because in the order of things, I had the day off. Carl Trueman gave a brilliant defense of Creeds and Confessions, so brilliant that it made the "no creed but the Bible" folk sound like the lunatic... continue

Republocrat: a conversation between Gabe and Derek

Article by   October 2010
Gabe, I've been reading (again) Carl's Republocrat (P&R Publishing) and I'm struck by several things straight out of the gate. First of all, I'm struck by the fact that it is so controversial. Not that I find it controversial, or... continue


Article by   October 2010
Unless you have been on vacation in the Outer Hebrides, you will know that Carl Trueman has been busy writing his latest book, Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative (P & R).   Gabe and I are going to... continue

Hawking's Grand Design reaches No.1 on NYT bestseller list

Article by   September 2010
So, it is official: Stephen Hawking's The Grand Design has shot to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. Over on Tim Challies' blog, you can read Edgar Andrews' review of the book. Andrews is the author of Who... continue
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