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Brave New World?

Article by   June 2006
posted by Derek ThomasHarvard University has announced it will begin cloning human embryos.The scientists say that they plan to harvest stem cells in the hope that they might be able to fight blood diseases like leukaemia and diabetes. In this Huxlian scenario, as... continue

Puritan library In Grand Rapids

Article by   May 2006
Posted by Derek ThomasI spent the last day in Grand Rapids, at Joel Beeke's seminary--The Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary--buried in their fascinating puritan library. It is one of the finest in the country, I should imagine. What with Calvin Seminary... continue

Charity and Its Fruits

Article by   May 2006
Posted by Derek Thomas"Cal M..." is partly right, of course. I for one do have emotional ties with dear friends in the C of S. As I do of friends in the PCUSA (a colleague with whom I work on... continue

The Lord's Supper (Bickersteth) 1

Article by   April 2006
Posted by Derek ThomasSome time ago, I purchased a tiny little volume by Edward Bickersteth,  A Companion to the Holy Communion. This particular edition is the twelfth, published in 1888 and measures 2" X 3". It is a pocket-sized companion... continue

Books and Englishmen

Article by   April 2006
Posted by Derek ThomasSo, our twisted sense of humor, as we teased Carl about famous Englishmen, somewhat backfired. To the dozens of you who sent e-mail letting us know that our famous screen personalities were not English, we knew that!... continue

Phantom Blogger

Article by   March 2006
Posted by Czar Nicholas LlanybydderOur illustrious President (of the Alliance, that is) blogged this morning and when I returned after 4 hours of class, it had disappeared. Whoosh... A phantom blog-disposer is at work and Dwn Corleone has been informed... continue
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