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New book for children

Article by   July 2006
Our very own (at First Presbyterian Church, Jackson that is) Shirley Windham has published a marvellous little book for Parents of young children which we want to recommend enthusiastically. It contains ideas (templates) for encouraging the training of children from... continue

Summer Reading

Article by   June 2006
Summer’s a time to catch up on reading! Seminary professors read? And sharing with the public what I’m reading is a dangerous thing, I know, but I thought I would nevertheless. First, despite some biting sarcasms and shallowness of theological... continue

Welcome Elliott!

Article by   June 2006
I had thought the worst! Had Tony "The Gent" got to Elliott in some dark street in Chicago? But no!  He is alive and well.  Good to hear from you Elliott! We'll get your picture up as soon as we... continue

Pot pourri

Article by   June 2006
To Tony "The Gent" Pinnochio: No one was available to talk to, and Carl will have to pass on your messages for a few days.  Just be nice to him and remember he's English so give him respect! Hopefully we'll... continue

A Message from Del Boy

Article by   June 2006
Del Boy has also been excluded from the Ref21 site, but he asked me to pass on this reply: Gordon Bennet, if you ask me, that Thomas geezer doesn't know a "new perspective" from "a news headline!" And you don't... continue

The Monstrous Regiment

Article by   June 2006
Ligon, me too. There is a direct hermeneutical line from the denial of Jesus' maleness as central to his incarnational imaging of his Father in heaven and the trend for egalitarianism. Both deny creational order as expressive of the divine image.... continue

No gay bishops here

Article by   June 2006
The PCA General Assembly is predictably boring. No cat fights between lesbian clergy handing out Hershes Kisses and outraged conservatives; no overtures banning the production, advertising and promotion of alcoholic beverages; not even a hint of women's ordination. The hottest... continue

The Fun of Being Presbyterian

Article by   June 2006
There are advantages to being Presbyterian! It's called General Assemblies. True, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church In America is like no other. More about schmoozing than ecclesiastical politics. Truth is, we're more akin to Congregationalism than we dare... continue

Conjuring Tricks?

Article by   June 2006
It must be twenty years since the Bishop of Durham (not N. T. Wright, but his predecessor) called the resurrection a "conjuring trick with bones." Scripps Howard News Service together with Ohio University have published a poll on current belief in... continue

Brave New World?

Article by   June 2006
posted by Derek ThomasHarvard University has announced it will begin cloning human embryos.The scientists say that they plan to harvest stem cells in the hope that they might be able to fight blood diseases like leukaemia and diabetes. In this Huxlian scenario, as... continue
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