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Bruckner does it for me!

Article by   September 2006
These have been some of the most frustrating two weeks in a while! God knew, of course, what he was doing and that I needed it. I refer to the loss of my laptop! A call from (what sounded like)... continue

Laptop spotted on the Mile End Road

Article by   August 2006
Since having my laptop stolen, ole Del Boy can't log in any more -- he's lost his password, but after that Trueman geezer's posting yesterday, showing as much sympathy as a beached whale, I heard Del and the boys were... continue

New Issue of Ref21

Article by   August 2006
Be sure to check out the front pages as a new issue of Ref21 was posted this afternoon. Yes, I'm back. Sort of. I had been enjoying a few days away with my brand new granddaughter and upon returning through... continue

Cedar Falls Bible Conference

Article by   August 2006
I'm in Iowa for a few days, speaking for the second year running at the Cedar Falls Bible Conference. It was good to be with Mike Horton again who spoke on (among other issues) the Emergent (-ing) Church. It was vintage... continue


Article by   July 2006
Professor Vanhoozer's reply to Paul Helm is now up. Go here.Also, for something completely different, more on my ambivalence on hugging Sinclair Ferguson, here.Enjoy!... continue

Printer Friendly and Phil Ryken

Article by   July 2006
You may have noticed that "Print this page" tags have appeared on our site indicating just what it says: the ability to print the page without losing half the material scrolled off the page to the right, or whatever!  Note... continue

Springsteen again

Article by   July 2006
I've been a subscriber to the monthly magazine, The Gramophone, for over forty years and in the latest edition (August 2006) there is an interview with the leading American baritone, Thomas Hampson. It transpires that he's an ipod geek. And... continue

Trueman: Hono(u)r in his own Country

Article by   July 2006
Carl Trueman is speaking at the Tyndale Fellowship Associates Annual Day Conference on September 30, 2006 in Cambridge, England. More details here. The topic is "Church and Theology Today: What is Really At Stake?" [3 sessions plus Q & A]All, except... continue

Hodge, Helm and Vanhoozer

Article by   July 2006
Those of you who have already read Paul Helm's critique of Kevin Vanhoozer's take on Charles Hodge in this edition, will be interested to learn that Vanhoozer has sent us a reply which we'll be posting on Monday. Helm will... continue

Presbyterian Church of Brazil

Article by   July 2006
My good friend, Valdeci de Santos, a professor at the McKenzie Presbyterian Seminary in Sao Paulo, Brazil has been attending the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Brazil (IPB). He informs me that the Assembly passed a motion, by... continue
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