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When Good Men Fall

Article by   November 2006
Over the past few years, I have witnessed the fall of several colleagues, some of which have had catastrophic consequences, two of whom are still serving prison sentences. In most cases, I never saw it coming. It occurs to me... continue

Calvin and NPP

Article by   October 2006
Sorry Justin.  I wasn't engaged in Halloween activities, just preaching ten times in four days and with little to no access to the internet! But let me answer your question as to what Calvin would say about the New Perspective... continue

Reformation Society in Sioux Center

Article by   October 2006
I have just returned from a delightful couple of days Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa. Sorry, Justin, I thought initially I was heading for Sioux City and have to confess that I wasn't aware of just how far apart... continue

New ref21 edition launching shortly

Article by   October 2006
Within a few hours, we'll be launching a new edition of reformation21 focusing on the contributions of Francis Schaeffer. Jerram Barrs and Mark Ryan provide insightful summaries of Schaeffer's life and ministry. And Carl Trueman reflects on the anti-historical bias of the... continue

Packer on Impassibility

Article by   October 2006
Thanks for this entry on divine impassibility, Phil. I haven't see it as yet but will look forward to reading it. Here are a couple of quotes from J. I. Packer on the issue which I found helpful.... continue

Fifty books

Article by   October 2006
It might be worth our while listing what we might think the fifty most influential books have been for us, don't you think?  Let's start listing some and after a while we'll compile a reformation21 wish list!  For me, it... continue

Augustine's Commentary on Galatians

Article by   October 2006
Oxford University Press have just released the paperback edition of Augustine's Commentary on Galatians in a fresh translation and lengthy (very lengthy!) introduction by University of Scranton professor, Eric Plumer (hardback edition appeared in 2003). What caught my eye (amidst... continue

Are We Ready for Battle?

Article by   October 2006
Philip Johnston in yesterday's edition of The Daily Telegraph newspaper.gave a chilling account of what the latest European Union legal rulings will mean for Britain. He took as his cue an adverisement in a local newspaper, which read: "Retired couple... continue

Updating John Owen

Article by   September 2006
Kelly Kapic informs me that several updated editions of works by John Owen are due for publication in the next year.Due in October (by Crossway) are three classic treatises on sin and temptation: Overcoming Sin and Temptation: Three Classic Works (edited... continue

Erring with Ehrman

Article by   September 2006
Anyone wanting to read a brief, but brilliant rebuttal of Bart Ehrman's latest attack on the Bible's textual trustworthiness, Misquoting Jesus, should read Robert Gundry's "Post-Mortem: Death by Hardening of the Categories" In the September/October edition of Books and Culture.... continue
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