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PC Bible

Article by   July 2011
It's summer madness.  No, Not the umpteen requests to join Google+ (please, what is this?). It's a record burning bits of the Bible. I blame it on the heat, except this is North Wales and one Rector Geraint ap Iorwerth... continue

Trueman Study Bible

Article by   July 2011
I guess it was always coming: a Bible with Carl Trueman's name on it. After all, what else would you expect from someone who has systematically trashed all claims to fame and notoriety? The ultimate in self-effacing, Jesus-like kenosis... here.... continue

Hold that Tweet

Article by   July 2011
Just as my ego is in the ascendancy, I come across John Calvin's comment on Psalm 84:10, "I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness": 'He would rather be cast... continue

Living in Shadowlands

Article by   July 2011
Trotter, sleuth of News International, is under investigation for hacking into my Twitter account only to discover my non-celebrity status at an all time low. What? I have no followers, not even one?  Not even my wife? Or Jake (my... continue

On the multiplication of extra meetings...

Article by   July 2011
Clearly, Levy is a man of poor discernment (see the video tour of his library below).  But now that I am on the topic of libraries, my recent move has required that I re-shelve my books. It is surprising what... continue


Article by   July 2011
Having been silent for a while (a move to South Carolina, "God's Country" as it is known in these parts, rendered me comatose for a season) I have been reflecting on the issue of rebellion against authority. I am,... continue

Hard Text for harder occasions

Article by   May 2011
I've been undercover for too long -- life having taken a sudden detour a couple of months ago when I decidedly recall saying "no" only to find that what I really meant was"yes". As most folk may know (at least... continue


Article by   March 2011
   Michael Haykin's latest book (just out, Crossway), Rediscovering the Church Fathers, is very welcome indeed. Some will recall Ligon Duncan's masterful address at the last T4G Conference (and the blog frenzy that followed it) in which he not... continue

Pastoral Search Committees

Article by   February 2011
I have just finished reading Chris Braun's book, When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search (Moody). I thoroughly recommend it. Even if you are not involved in a search, or are not being searched, this book defines what ought... continue

Puffin' the ...

Article by   January 2011
Kindle (or Ipad) users will be interested to see that Amazon have now released an e-version of Carl Trueman's "The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind" (Moody) here for a buck and a half.  Who said Carl wasn't cheap?... continue
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