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Article by   January 2007
OK, so no one blogged on "Christmas Books" so let me add a few of my own before changing the blog "theme"...... continue

Welsh Carol

Article by   December 2006
Thanks Phil. We arrived back from a family funeral last night to be met by Ligon at the airport. Now, why did he remind me of Father Christmas? Strangely, I had been been reading Dr. Mark Garcia's fine piece in... continue

ICS -- "Irritable Clergy Syndrome" (It's official)

Article by   December 2006
Justin, speaking of pastors and what they are to do, the Archbishop of Canterbury has weighed in on a report addressing bullying and gossip among parishioners. In last saturday's The Times, Ruth Gledhil (their religious correspondent) wrote a piece called,... continue


Article by   December 2006
Rodders, jealousy will be the undoing of you!... continue

Monday mornings

Article by   December 2006
A dear friend from the UK told me this weekend that he'd been catching up on the Ref21 blog and noticing that we seemed to have far too much fun! Well, he is a friend and his perspective skewed as... continue


Article by   December 2006
At the risk of waking the sleeping giant (Rodders) I thought I'd share with you my morning. It began with a headache (literally) which has all the portents of being here to stay! Then, exams -- not the taking of... continue

RUF Banned from Brown University

Article by   November 2006
Reformed University Fellowship, the student-based fellowship of the Presbyterian Church in America, have been banned from meeting on the campus of Brown University. See the following links:Here and here and here.... continue

Reflections on being a grandfather

Article by   November 2006
Thanks Phil. You are quite correct. I am a three-month old grandfather of a beautiful girl named "Hannah May." In Belfast, where my daughter and son-in-law live, she is known as Hannah, but in Mississippi, these sweet folk have a... continue


Article by   November 2006
To all those of you who have e-mailed concerning my Nietzsche review and what appears to be gobbledygook; we are working on it. I'm blaming Trueman for his virulent attacks on my ethnicity!... continue

God exists: 62% certain!

Article by   November 2006
Richard Dawkins will not appreciate the math, but probablitity theorists now claim that it is 62% certain that God exists, according to yesterday's The Times. Is this where we cite the text about God "laughing"?... continue
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