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Resurrection Symphony

Article by   May 2007
I've been slow to respond to Phil's blog about being at Eschenbach's performance of Mahler's Second Symphony, "The Resurrection." Mainly, I have to confess, just sheer envy! I daren't begin my tragic tale of life in Mississippi!  But he raises... continue

John Stott

Article by   April 2007
For those who owe a debt to John Stott, as I do, you may like to read a brief appreciation of his influence on me in 1971, here.... continue

New Issue of Ref21

Article by   April 2007
Just published! Click on the "Home" page and check it out.... continue

Tim Keller and the Danger to Your Health of Ministry

Article by   April 2007
A little late, I know, but you should check out this piece by Tim Keller from Last month's Redeemer Report called, "Ministry Can Be Dangerous to Your Spiritual Health."A sample: "It is also possible that your heart may stay feeling... continue

Grand Rapids and PCRT anyone?

Article by   April 2007
Is there anyone in Grand Rapids this weekend who can give us an update on the PCRT Conference? Hello? Anybody there?... continue

Reasonable Oliphint

Article by   April 2007
Have you purchased Scott Oliphint's new book, Reasons for Faith: Philosophy in the Service of Theology yet? Had one of those déjà vu moments yesterday. I was sitting in Starbucks at 6.30 am reading the first chapter on "Wittgensteinian fideism,"... continue

Penal Substitution and the UK

Article by   April 2007
Spring Harvest, the largest evangelical conference in the UK, has severed its longstanding relationship with UCCF (which owns the British side of InterVarsity Press). The issue appears to be that of penal substitution and the position of Steve Chalke (who infamously referred... continue

Pending updated

Article by   April 2007
Not wanting to spoil Trotter's fun, but I have now changed the Blog Theme. (BTW: An on-going discussion on the wider theme of pictures/images of Jesus has been taking place in recent issues of New Horizon's, the denominational magazine of... continue

Lee Irons tribute to Meredith Kline

Article by   April 2007
Readers may wish to follow this link to read a tribute to Meredith Kline written by Lee Irons. [Linked by permission]... continue

Another new book by Beeke

Article by   April 2007
Yet another fine book from Joel Beeke, published by Bryntirion Press this month. Oh, yes, it has another blurb from that Thomas guy!... continue
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