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Semester starts again...

Article by   August 2007
The seminary Fall semester has started again. Where did the summer go?  And straight off the bat, I'm teaching Systematics 1, suggesting that Berkhoff is a must-purchase volume (better as a dictionary than a straight read and analysis), Hodge is,... continue

Welsh Rugby and summer reading

Article by   August 2007
I've revisited the Dark Ages: the time before the internet! All promises for my trip to Belfast that I'd be able to access this site (or my email) proved futile. The reasons are too complicated to explain, but the result was a... continue

Of the making of many books...

Article by   July 2007
Two new publications caught my eye this week, and there could hardly be a greater contrast. One comes from Ireland in the seventeenth century: The Body of Divinity: Being the Sum and Substance of the Christian Religion by Archbishop James... continue

Woof woof!

Article by   July 2007
Trotter, Del is in New York at a Wagnerfest. Brünnhilde has angered Wotan and sided with Siegmund and Sieglinde and has been cast into a magical sleep... Well, I won't go into the details. Let's say, it's all in German.As... continue

Paul Helm and N. T. Wright

Article by   July 2007
Paul Helm has posted his analysis of N. T. Wright's ordo salutis on his blog. His conclusion?"With the help of the distinctions between temporal and logical order, and events and states, we are able to see that Wright's view of... continue

J. I. Packer on Penal Substitution -- revisited

Article by   July 2007
Pod Boghal, Head of Communications at the British side of UCCF has sent me an electronic copy of Jim Packer's latest response to recent criticisms of penal substitution. It appeared in NB News, the British Christian Union News magazine. Those wishing to keep up... continue

Bach's Mass in B Minor

Article by   June 2007
My attention has been drawn to a DVD of Bach's Mass in B Minor sponsored by Soli Deo Gloria ( The DVD is produced by Virgin Classics and is a performance of Bach's Mass by the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris... continue

An Interview with Joel Beeke

Article by   June 2007
Our good friend, Martin Downes (he's Welsh, you understand!) has a fascinating interview with Joel Beeke (President of the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids) here. If you search the site, you'll also find similar interviews with ligon Duncan... continue


Article by   June 2007
It's been a while since I have blogged. Been on the conference circuit since the end of the semester. I see the Shepherd's Scrapbook continues to blog on my Calvin contribution at the Banner Conference, here. I feel the need... continue

Francis J. Beckwith, President of ETS, returns to Rome

Article by   May 2007
Carl Trueman reflects on the issue in reformation21, here.... continue
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