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Handsome? Theologically sound?

Article by   October 2007
I've been away in Canada and out of contact for a few days, but just look at what I see on my return! This article will cause you to seriously wonder whether the Alliance's President is theologically sound! Read to the... continue

More than Wallpaper!

Article by   October 2007
Just arrived -- literally minutes ago -- a the brand new translation of John Owen's Communion with the Triune God by Kelly Kapic and Justin Taylor. The foreword by Kevin J. Vanhoozer is fascinating in its own right, and as... continue

Trueman on Luther

Article by   October 2007
At the weekend (I was speaking in Oklahoma for the Alliance) a little bird sang of Carl Trueman trashing the Welsh "in a sermon." This cannot possibly be true and I mention it here only to dispel the rumor!  But... continue

Phillies, Osteen and Visual Art in Worship

Article by   October 2007
Phil will be in mourning following the sweep last night of his beloved Phillies, but I thought you'd like to make a note that our friend Mike Horton is due to be on 60 Minutes on October 14 discussing Osteenism.... continue

John Newton on Counselling 101

Article by   September 2007
Iain Murray, writes in the August-September issue of The Banner of Truth magazine, a commemorative edition marking the anniversary of the death of John Newton in 1807, on Newton's pastoral skills:"'Have you no friend in Cornwall or the north of Scotland you... continue

The masculinity of Confessional Churchmen

Article by   September 2007
Yesterday, I drew attention to the essay on James Buchanan by Carl Trueman in a recently published volume by P & R (The Faith Once Delivered). This morning, in our regular Friday staff meeting (when I'm asked by Ligon Duncan,... continue

Weekend Reading

Article by   September 2007
The Faith Once Delivered Ed. Anthony T. Selvaggio, Essays in Honor of Dr. Wayne R. Spear (P&R, 2007).What a delightful read this book is proving to be. A collection of essays on the theology of the Westminster Confession written... continue

UK gives green light to hybrid embryo production

Article by   September 2007
The British public are apparently "at ease" with the idea of producing animal-human hybrid embryos in order to further stem cell research. A government watchdog committee gave approval for it yesterday. For an in-depth analysis of what's at issue in this process from... continue

3-10 to Yuma

Article by   September 2007
Carl, the actor you have never heard of (right!), is Christian Bale (of Batman Begins fame) -- who,as I'm sure you know, is WELSH!  Born in Pembrokeshire! ... continue

New Book

Article by   August 2007
Stephen Nichols has just published this very fine book, For Us and Our Salvation (crossway, 2007) which explores the Doctrine of Christ in the Early Church. Nichols' characteristic style is much in evidence (clear, comprehensive, informative, unashamedly polemic) as in... continue
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