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Paying a price on the Women's Issue

Article by   December 2007
Our good friend, Stafford Carson -- formerly Academic Dean at Westminster Theological Seminary and now minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Portadown, Northern Ireland -- has made the headlines over Christmas by refusing to allow a female minister to... continue

Christmas season cordial

Article by   December 2007
Trueman agreeing with Phillips. It must be Christmas. On the resurrection, I noted some time ago the following from J. I. Packer's response to Anthony Flew: The Easter event, so they affirm, demonstrated Jesus’ deity; validated his teaching, attested the... continue

Trueman's vision

Article by   December 2007
At risk of sycophancy on these pages over Carl Trueman, we now extend our congratulations to him on his recent appointment as Vice President for Academic Affairs at Westminster Theological Seminary at a recent meeting of the Seminary's Board. In... continue

Golden Compass review posted

Article by   December 2007
We sent Adam Parker to the movies to see the controversial film, The Golden Compass to see what all the fuss was about. His review is posted here.... continue

Helm's Deep Thoughts about Christmas

Article by   December 2007
Our good friend, Paul Helm, has provided Ref21 with another Christmas cracker. Go here.... continue

British ignorance over Nativity

Article by   December 2007
More than a quarter of adults in Britain do not know where Jesus was born. And between the ages of 18-24 the percentage rose to 38%. The percentage who could not identify John the Baptist as Jesus’ cousin rose to... continue

On a more serious note...

Article by   December 2007
Not to distract from the Tenth Pres elves, but I wanted to draw your attention to the response by Robert Godfrey and David VanDrunen of Wesminster Seminary California to Mark Garcia's blistering review of the book Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral... continue

The Glory of God

Article by   November 2007
A disagreement has broken out on whether or not Tom Schreiner is correct when he suggests (in his forthcoming book, New Testament Theology) that the most basic theme of the New Testament is, "God magnifying himself through Jesus Christ by means... continue


Article by   November 2007
I'm just back from the annual ETS (Evangelical Theological Society) gathering, this year in San Diego. I suppose anyone who's anyone in evangelicalism pops in and this year no less than John Piper and David Wells gave papers. Piper's was... continue
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