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Steve Nichols meets the King of Blues in Jackson, Mississippi

Article by   June 2008
  It was surreal moment: Steve, country boy from Lancaster, PA meeting his blues-idol, B. B. King, from Indianola, Mississippi. The blues singer happened to be in Jackson this week and Steve "dragged" me to "get some culture." The... continue

Hate Crime allegation for American evangelists

Article by   June 2008
It is a sign of things to come, perhaps. Two evangelists in Britain were prevented from handing out tracts of Scripture by a Muslim community police-officer. They were accused of a hate-crime for trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. the... continue

Make that a Doppio

Article by   May 2008
Connection Metro Church, Denver, which used its foyer coffee bars to attract visitors to its eight satellite churches in the Denver area, has decided to abandon ministry altogether to focus on coffee.    "People liked the coffee a lot better than... continue

Carl Trueman...

Article by   May 2008
What do Dylan Thomas, Karl Marx, Jerry Springer and Charles Hodge have in common? The answer is..... Carl Trueman! His inaugural lecture, "Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light" has just been published in the latest volume of the... continue

Westminster Seminary

Article by   May 2008
The Board of Trustees of Westminster Theological Seminary have issued an official statement with respect to recent events concerning Professor Peter Enns, here.... continue

Today in 1967

Article by   May 2008
On this day in 1967 the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the USA (PCUSA) adopted (what we now call) the 1967 Confession, a document largely influenced by the liberalization of the doctrine of Scripture (especially by Karl Barth).... continue

Joel Beeke: new book on adoption

Article by   May 2008
    Joel Beeke has just published a new book, Heirs with Christ: The Puritans on Adoption. You can also watch a video of Joel talking about the book, here  ... continue

Mark Johnston on cessationism and gold fillings

Article by   May 2008
Mark Johnston, whose sermons on the Apostles' Creed we are featuring just now was on Premier Radio yesterday on the topic of cessationism, here. The program can be heard as streaming audio or podcast. [Go to the link above and... continue

Boston on soulpatches...

Article by   May 2008
My good friend, Joe Holland, pointed out to me (in a "down" moment at Presbytery yesterday) a fascinating piece in Thomas Boston's Memoirs (Vol. XII of The Complete Works of Thomas Boston [Tentmaker, 2002]): "Having been advised before to cut... continue

Adult Sunday School Material

Article by   April 2008
If you are looking for adult Sunday School material, written from a "means of grace", confessional point of view, I am enthusiastically suggesting that you take a look at the material being produced by the ARPs (Associate Reformed Presbyterian): The... continue
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