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The Man clad in Breeches

Article by   June 2008
My wife and I are off to Peru tomorrow on a mission trip for a week and I'm uncertain if I'll be able to blog from the Southern Hemisphere! On my way, I've decided to dip into Colin Duriez's new... continue

Interview with Lane Tipton

Article by   June 2008
Lane Tipton and Jeffrey Waddington discuss Richard B. Gaffin's book, Resurrection and Eschatology, here.... continue

Del's Summer Reading

Article by   June 2008
Since I asked all of you about summer reading, I'll list my own, starting (like Sean) with Andrew McGowan's, The Divine Authenticity of Scripture (IVP). I read the British version which was called The Divine Spiration..., and I'm hoping the... continue

The Legacy of John Calvin

Article by   June 2008
      The second volume in the Calvin 500 Series has appeared, a series of volumes written or edited by David Hall celebrating the 500th anniversary (in 2009) of the birth of John Calvin. I've just finished reading The Legacy... continue

This is worse than having to wait for the next installment of Battlestar Gallactica

Article by   June 2008
Has anyone solved Tim Challies' test yet? It's been driving me crazy! I know some of these but can I identify them? I've been saying, "I know that one, it's... Oh, what is it called again?" Can you do it?... continue

Top 5 Commentaries on books of the Bible

Article by   June 2008
Our friends at Ligonier have drawn my attention to Keith Mathison's blog entry on the Ligonier website in which he he posts the first of what looks like five blogs on the best commentaries on Matthew's Gospel. Check it out here.... continue

Ryken thinks the gospel more important than life itself

Article by   June 2008
Just listened to Phil Ryken preach the evening sermon at the PCA Genernal Assembly in Dallas. His text was Acts 20:24 in which Paul tells the Ephesian elders that testifying to the gospel of the grace of God is more precious... continue

Steve Nichols meets the King of Blues in Jackson, Mississippi

Article by   June 2008
  It was surreal moment: Steve, country boy from Lancaster, PA meeting his blues-idol, B. B. King, from Indianola, Mississippi. The blues singer happened to be in Jackson this week and Steve "dragged" me to "get some culture." The... continue

Hate Crime allegation for American evangelists

Article by   June 2008
It is a sign of things to come, perhaps. Two evangelists in Britain were prevented from handing out tracts of Scripture by a Muslim community police-officer. They were accused of a hate-crime for trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. the... continue

Make that a Doppio

Article by   May 2008
Connection Metro Church, Denver, which used its foyer coffee bars to attract visitors to its eight satellite churches in the Denver area, has decided to abandon ministry altogether to focus on coffee.    "People liked the coffee a lot better than... continue
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