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Article by   March 2009
Cornelis Venema's new book on paedo-communion is now available from Reformation Heritage Books: Children at the Lord's Table: Assessing the Case for Paedocommunion.   "Dr. Venema has done a great service for the Reformed churches in presenting a clear, compelling,... continue


Article by   March 2009
  Two new books worth noting: the first, Sinclair Ferguson and Mark Dever write fascinating articles on the theme of puritan preaching, drawing from the instruction offered in Westminster Dircetory for Public Worship (1645). Westminster Directory of Public Worship... continue

Listening to Redford and Sproul on CD

Article by   March 2009
Ligonier Ministries have released a fascinating CD called The Alphabet of Revelation which includes several pieces by the renowned contemporary composer J. A. C. Redford, one of which is called The Ancient of Days -- a dramatic musical representation of... continue

Guy Waters: Take 2

Article by   March 2009
Part 2 of Guy Waters' radio interview in which he discusses N. T. Wright's latest book (his response to John Piper) can be heard here.... continue

Guy Waters on N T Wright's new book

Article by   March 2009
Our friends at "Christ the Center" have been discussing N. T. Wright's new book (the response to John Piper) with Dr. Guy Waters. Listen to the broadcasts here.... continue

Mr Nice Guy

Article by   March 2009
I have just finished a series of 38 messages on Ezra/Nehemiah at First Pres, Jackson. Several things struck me as I brought the series to a close. The first was something most consecutive-expository preachers feel at the end of a... continue

Calvin blog

Article by   March 2009
Folks, we are more than capable of an error or two and those keen-eyed followers of our Calvin blog may have noticed a slight glitch in Iain D. Campbell's ordering of the blogs on Monday/Tuesday.  We missed one out and... continue


Article by   February 2009
Today, I had the privilege of teaching one of my seminars with a small group of students. The topic: New Perspective on Paul. No, it isn't an obsession. It just "happened" that this was the topic for today. Next door,... continue

"It's a RAP!"

Article by   February 2009
RAP aka Reformed Academic Press have come of age and have announced a brand new website here. Among the titles RAP publish are works by Terry Johnson, Richard Gaffin, Herman Witsius and William Beveridge.... continue

The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism

Article by   January 2009
Dr. Greg Beale's new book, The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism (Crossway, 2009), has appeared. The Christ the Center panel, augmented by Dr. Carl R. Trueman, interacts with Dr. Greg K. Beale, the Kenneth T. Wessner Professor of New Testament and coordinator... continue
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