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Summer Reading

Article by   June 2009
More on Summer reading... My summer reading began with the publication of Calvin's Sermons on Genesis 1-11 (trans. Rob Roy McGregor, Banner of Truth). Preached in 1559-60 they prepresent particularly important evidence of the heart of the reformer's preaching. Stunning... continue

Church of Scotland ... again

Article by   May 2009
Dr. John Ross has written another helpful reflection on matters relating to the recent General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, here.... continue

More on the tragic decision of the Church of Scotland

Article by   May 2009
David Meredith has blogged here, and David Robertson can be heard being interviewed for a local news station here.And Willie Philips response to his own congregation here.... continue

Church of Scotland votes in favor of homosexual minister

Article by   May 2009
From David Meredith, Free Church of Scotland minister (Smithton/Culloden)   The news from Scotland is that the General Assembly of the Church ofScotland have voted 326 to 267 to allow a practising homosexual to beminister at Queen's Cross Church, Aberdeen.The... continue

Memorial Weekend Meditation

Article by   May 2009
We have just posted a piece by Phil Ryken in which he reflects on aspects of life for his grandparents during World War II.... continue

A. N. Wilson (again)

Article by   May 2009
Further to Phil's recent comment regarding A. N. Wilson's "slow return to faith," a reader has suggested that we point you to the full article in the New Statesman, here.... continue

Wagner and the class struggle

Article by   May 2009
Trueman must be in Oregon. I recall the occasion to which he refers vividly (and, by the way, the best dinner EVER!). At first I thought my name was being dragged into the Miss California debacle. I'm pleading innocent, having... continue

Eric Alexander

Article by   May 2009
Our friends at Christ the Center have recently interviewed Eric Alexander and it can be heard here.... continue

Calvin blog returns tomorrow

Article by   May 2009
Those of you following our Calvin blog will have noticed an interruption last week. The individual concerned has been apprehended and sent to the dungeons of First Presbyterian Church where an extraction of penance is underway. Meanwhile, Carl Trueman blogs... continue

Macho Hymns for real men

Article by   May 2009
I thought I'd heard it all but there's "nout as queer as folk" as they say in Yorkshire. A recent survey among churches in the UK revealed that men want more 'macho' hymns, less flowers and less dancing in church.... continue
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