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Belated Happy Birthday, Gresham Machen

Article by   August 2009
Machen's birthday (July 28) went almost unnoticed (blame Calvin), but our friend Martin Downes has put together a helpful Machen resource here.... continue

Wee Frees welcomes defectors from the Church of Scotland?

Article by   July 2009
In the continued coverage of the decision of the Church of Scotland to appoint an openly gay minister, our friend, David Robertson, editor of the Monthly Record (the official magazine of the Free Church of Scotland) has recently been cited... continue

Calvin500 (5)

Article by   July 2009
Day 5: and more sermons: Ted Donnelly with a superlative exposition of the closing verses of Romans 8 (if you can get a hold of this sermon you should); Hywel Jones on the Elihu narratives in Job (making the case... continue

Twins at Calvin500

Article by   July 2009
Phil Ryken trying to be me outside St. Pierre Cathedral, Geneva.       Day 4 and 3 more sermons: Geoff Thomas on election, Joel Beeke on the church and Martin Holdt on Psalm 100. "How can you know if... continue

Calvin500 (3)

Article by   July 2009
(Ligon Duncan preaching in St. Pierre Cathedral, Geneva)   Three more sermons today: Steve Lawson on Galatians 1:6-10, an uncompromising call to defend the gospel against all detractors after the fashion of the Reformer, Iain D. Campbell on Romans... continue

Calvin500 (2)

Article by   July 2009
Another day of lectures and sermons: Evidently, Calvinists (the ones present at the Calvin500 celebrations) are prepared to hear three sermons in succession from 7-10 pm! Tonight, Phil Ryken gave an outstanding sermon in 1 Corinthians 16:5-11, illustrating Paul's constraint... continue

Calvin500 -(1)

Article by   July 2009
Day 1 of the Calvin 500.  Sinclair Ferguson opened the proceedings preaching from Calvin's pulpit (not really; that one fell to pieces and the present one is nineteenth century but in the same spot). His text was Philippians 3:8-12 in... continue

Whither Church of Scotalnd? Another viewpoint

Article by   July 2009
David Robertson, editor of the Free Church Monthly Record and minister of St. Peter's Free Church, Dundee, has written an editorial (to be published in the July edition) in which he has expressed some opinions regarding recent developments in the... continue

Women and the Deaconate: the Duncan-Keller PCA GA Debate

Article by   July 2009
Tim Keller and Ligon Duncan debated the issue of women and the deaconate at this year's PCA General Assembly in Orlando. Speaking as someone who was there amd heard it, this was the finest debate I have heard on a... continue

And more books...

Article by   June 2009
Our friend Martin Downes, has written a fascinating volume comprised of interviews with (among others) several members of the Ref21 blog team (Ligon Duncan, Sean Lucas, Carl Trueman, Iain D. Campbell and myself). Risking the Truth is published by CFP... continue
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