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Polish Catholic Priests stealing sermons

Article by   April 2008
The 28,000 Polish Catholic priests have been reprimanded by Father Wieslaw Przyczyna for plagiarising sermons off the internet. See the story here in Saturday's Guardian newspaper. Rumour has it that some have been downloading Trueman's sermons from the web. Can we... continue

Je proteste

Article by   April 2008
Rein a dire, rein a faire... as they say in Calais, a woman on Ref21? What is the world coming to? This is yet another sign of postfuturistic deconstruction that needs to be firmly stood upon! What next? Is nothing... continue

Welsh triumph

Article by   January 2008
Just been reading an interview with Derek Thomas at the Exiled Preacher blog in which he has something to say about that Trueman guy!  And another reference to it, here.... continue

Vote for Lewis

Article by   December 2007
Tony, thanks for yours. That there "Trueman" bloke has lost his marbles. After all, Lewis is English, right? Well, I know he was born in Belfast and that means he's got Irish in him somewhere, but he's English through and... continue

Death and Taxes

Article by   July 2007
Trotter, I saw this last week outside First Presbyterian Church, Columbia (where Sinclair Ferguson is the senior minister). The graveyard lies right outside the door of the church and it is necessary to pass these graves in order to get... continue

Soul Food in Memphis

Article by   June 2007
Rumors of my being seen in Beale Street checking out the local Blues cats are true. I managed to hear Anne Sophie von Otter in a classic rendition of Richard Strauss' "Groovin' and Movin' with the Presbyterians" last night. Brought... continue

Canterbury Tales

Article by   April 2007
Rodders, nice one but you can't fool me! That ole April Fool thing -- had it sussed before I discovered it cost $999. Knew strait'way that you's were kiddin. Something that sharp would be worth at least a couple o'... continue

Roger, roger.

Article by   February 2007
Just in from the metropolis of Jackson, Mississippi. FBI agents everywhere in SUVs, talking into the their shirt-cuffs. Weird that, isn't it? Do they think we don't know who they are? Heard one of them saying something about "Plonker Rodney..."... continue

Socks, liturgically speakin'

Article by   February 2007
Well I never! Talk about a nerve! My hard pressed wife went and bought me seven pairs of socks from the NEXT store with, wait for it Reg, the days of the week printed on them! Nifty, eh? But, as... continue


Article by   January 2007
The shinanigins of that twonk, Baudrillard-Jones over the past week have been a bit, well, al dente, as they in Spain. Know w'at I mean? I was telling this geezer from Portugal, Miguel, that 'e must 'ave some Freudian neurosomething that makes... continue
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