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Geographical zingers

Article by   April 2011
So, that guy Levy likes three Americans -- Don Carson, Tim Challies (both of whom are Canadians) and David Wells (technically, from Zimbabwe). Now, geography may not be his strong suit, but I mean, what about Thomas or Trueman or Duncan?... continue

The lure of the gold

Article by   January 2011
Stuck in snow and ice in South Carolina, I've been ruminating Paul's New Year missive about the Brits in America, with its sordid plot line of filthy lucre and their collective misguided, duplicitous claims of divine guidance when, if truth... continue

Rev. Carl

Article by   June 2009
My sources tell me that Carl Trueman is to be ordained tomorrow (Friday) evening in the OPC. Congratulations from all at Ref21. Do we refer to you as "Rev. Carl" now?... continue

Message in a massage

Article by   April 2009
Call me old-fashioned, but I've never been in a massage parlour. I associate it with "things a member in good standing in a Presbyterian Church doesn't do." But this past week I received a note in my church mail-box suggesting... continue

Trotter's 401K considered 201K

Article by   March 2009
Rumor has it that Carl "Trotter" has a birthday today. Bloggers be kind. Say something Trotskey-esque; remind him that his predictions seem likely to come to pass given the swagger of the Hill towards Europe. Not so much "Vive la Différence" as... continue


Article by   December 2008
Trotter's "Aryan" piece reminds me that another "arianism" is being talked about over on the other side of the pond. Seems like Archbishop Rowan Williams is not only an expert on Arianism (which he is), but is also contemplating disestablismentarianism! What... continue

Nichols outed as technophobic

Article by   October 2008
Steve, whatever this gobbledigook is below, I blame it on too much blues music.... continue

Enaging with Barth

Article by   May 2008
Well, blow me down, here's another Trueman (a third) writing an intorduction to yet another little piece on Barth. One of these Trueman's needs to give us some pointers as to why we should be messing with this errant child!... continue

Another Trueman Show?

Article by   May 2008
A geezer from Pekham village told me that he'd just come across this magnificent little primer on Karl Barth by some one called Neil MacDonald and Carl Trueman!  Now, as me ole mother used to say, there's nowt as odd... continue

Del Venting

Article by   May 2008
It takes the biscuit when Princeton is calling Westminster Seminary for its liberal agenda. My younger brother Trotter was only telling me the other day that this was a sign of postmodrockery, or some such thing as that. Next thing... continue
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