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Affirming Ignorance, Certainty and Intellectual Death

Article by   August 2019
In Col 3:10, the apostle Paul describes one of the most stunning aspects of the Spirit's re-creative work in uniting us by faith to the risen Christ. In that verse, we read that the natural man is, by that Spirit,... continue

Calvin's Four Rules of Prayer

Article by   March 2019
Reading through some old notes on Calvin's Institutes made me realize what always gets dropped when life feels like one giant game of whirlyball: prayer. Calvin says that if we do not pray, we are like a man who "neglect[s] a treasure,... continue

Know When to Hold'em

Article by   February 2019
As any poker player knows (and I am not a poker player--I tend to steer clear of competitions where the victor takes home a bracelet), the hand is over when all the cards have been dealt, all the bets have been... continue

Natural Law and the Public Square

Article by   July 2017
Being fully committed to the Protestant Reformed tradition--especially as it is represented at Westminster Theological Seminary--I have developed a basic understanding of natural law theories over the years. If by "natural law" we mean a moral order that is... continue

Was Jesus Morally Depraved? An Assessment

Article by   August 2015
Nephrologists will tell you that healthy kidneys are vital to human life. Their primary function is to filter out waste in the bloodstream that, if not removed, will kill the whole body. They will also tell you that failed kidneys... continue

Vos, True Religion and General Assembly

Article by   June 2015
Geerhardus Vos has been called the "father of Reformed biblical theology." As many readers are aware, he is known for investigating and displaying the organically integrated and historically unfolded character of biblical revelation. In fact, the Bible was, for him,... continue

ISIS and the Imprecatory Psalms

Article by   February 2015
The recent execution of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya by the murderous Islamic group ISIS has prompted appropriate and helpful Christian reflections (see here and here). But one question I have yet to see asked is, "Is it time now... continue

I Worshipped "Allah" Last Sunday

Article by   June 2014
Never have I so carefully typed quotation marks. Those tiny dashes keep intact both my ordination vows and my soul. They also refer to my enjoyable experience last Sunday attending an international service organized by the Gereformeerde Kerken in IJsselmuiden, Netherlands. Gathered... continue

Atheism from a Recliner

Article by   August 2013
"...and they knew that they were naked. And they sewed fig leaves together..." (Gen 3:7)Atheists attempting to work out the worldview implications of their (un)belief-system appear to be on the rise these days (for an excellent handling of one example... continue

What Would You Pay for Tolerance?

Article by   June 2013
I was reminded recently--this time by a statistic dealing with college commencement addresses--of the relentless homogenization of culture and ideas in the name of diversity by today's movers-and-shakers. Apparently, the "uni-" is still stretching its lead over the "-versity" on... continue
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