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Paternalism and Imperialism

Article by   April 2007
With the great demographic shift to the southern hemisphere in terms of evangelical Christianity, the issue of listening to the voices of brothers and sisters from these newly significant areas is a pressing one.  But I want to raise some... continue

Depressing and makes me shudder for the old country

Article by   April 2007 is important; but the current distaste for history doesn't fill one with much confidence that this kind of thing can be reversed. ... continue

Conspiracy Theory

Article by   April 2007
Having spent a jolly couple of days reading through pages and pages and pages of web-based Holocaust Denial while simultaneously gagging and preparing a chapter for a book on historical method, I confess to being totally depressed by the number... continue

Should the creeds be revised?

Article by   March 2007
As no-one took up the last question, I'll take a stab at it before we move on to ignoring the next topic.  Revision of creeds: this is huge question which really defies reduction to a blog, but here are some thoughts:... continue

The power of cliche

Article by   March 2007
Preparing a lecture which touches on the philosophy of Hannah Arendt, especially her understanding of evil as epitomised in the Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann (who, contra some Reformed "thinkers," -- ahem! -- seemed to think that the Holocaust really... continue

Our time will come again

Article by   March 2007
Yes, I acknowledge the defeat.  A source of national shame, and I humbly call on Tony Blair to make Monday a national day of prayer and humiliation.  I console myself only with the thought that, the occasional loss to Wales... continue

A niece, an uncle designed by Roald Dahl, and wisdom from Walter Benjamin

Article by   March 2007
While I was at home with my parents last week, my niece (not the Welsh-speaking turncoat) stopped over for Saturday night. While she loves me as (she says) `my uncle from a Roald Dahl book, who’s never grown up and... continue


Article by   March 2007
I see the new film `300' is stirring up controversy as an `anti-Iranian piece of propaganda.'... continue

Culture of victimhood

Article by   March 2007
Had a terrible weekend.  I was at home with mum and dad when my Welsh speaking niece arrived wearing, of all things, a Cymru rugby shirt.   Virtual blasphemy in my father's house.   Still, after the Italian triumph on Saturday, I... continue

Janis Joplin and Martin Luther

Article by   March 2007
Listening to Janis Joplin the other day, I was struck by two things.  First, my eleven year old son (who had never, to my knowledge, heard Joplin) commented as he heard the first bars of `Me and Bobby McGee' that... continue
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