Blogs by Carl Trueman

The God That Failed

Article by   August 2010
So Anne Rice has quit Christianity, or Roman Catholicism, or whatever.    She did it via a Facebook posting, apparently, rather than a book, but it still surely merits the response Edward Said gave to The God That Failed --... continue

A Testimony to Forgiveness

Article by   July 2010
Seeing Derek's reference to Ned and Steve's new book, I was reminded of Ned's late father-in-law, Dick Symons, a truly charming and kind Christian man, a member of Emmanuel OPC in Wilmington, and one who went out of his way... continue

Return of the King

Article by   July 2010
According to the Wall Street Journal, Ted Haggard is back.  As Tiger Woods needs to golf and Michael Vick needs to play football (or, from a British perspective `stand around posing in spandex tights, giving high fives and doing little... continue

Furry Friends

Article by   June 2010
On Saturday I happened to be in Pittsburgh, watching the TV in my hotel room.  The newscast announced that the annual Furry Convention was taking place in town.  For those who don't know what a `furry' is (and that was... continue

You know things are bad....

Article by   May 2010
....when politicians are behaving with the same honour and integrity as we have come to expect from certain church leaders.  Not using `theological leverage' or being `relationally mobile' with their best friend's wife; merely `misspeaking' apparently.  See here.... continue

John L. Mackay

Article by   May 2010
The General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland today voted to call Professor John L. Mackay as the new Principal of Free Church College, to succeed Donald Macleod.   Ref21 sends its congratulations to Prof. Mackay and its best... continue

The Apple and the Fall

Article by   April 2010
The news yesterday, when not preoccupied with the Icelandic volcano, was buzzing with reports that an Apple employee had left his new iPhone (as yet unreleased to the public) in a bar where its significance had not been missed.  Was... continue

The Pope and Polanski

Article by   April 2010
British writer Dominic Lawson has an interesting article comparing the situation of the Pope with that of Roman Polanski here.   What he observes fits nicely with the thesis that the postmodern world is one of aesthetics (forget the `linguistic... continue

The Art of Being Really Helpful

Article by   April 2010
I had the pleasure and privilege on Saturday of attending a shepherding seminar conducted by my colleague, Tim Witmer, for the session of my local church.  The material (found in his recent book) was outstanding, and the Q and As... continue

A Few Good Books

Article by   April 2010
It's been a good month or two for books.  In addition to Kevin DeYoung's great little devotional commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism, The Good News We Almost Forgot (Moody), there is also J.I. Packer and Gary A. Parrett's learned and... continue
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