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Another thing needful

Article by   April 2011
While evangelicalism has been in turmoil over pop theology the last couple of weeks, I have just started to read the second volume of Hans Küng's memoirs.  Michael Holroyd reports Lytton Strachey as once saying that discretion is not the... continue

He Hasn't Even Died at Marienbad Yet

Article by   March 2011
Last night, a friend emailed me the following quotation, apparently written by one of the gurus of emergent evangelicalism, or whatever it calls itself these days.  He is talking about the sacraments, or so I am told:"These rituals are true... continue

Potential New Products for Church Historians

Article by   March 2011
Logos Software has a couple of great new projects in the works but needs sufficient advance orders to make them viable.  These projects are:The Collected Works of John Henry Newman.  Newman, as I have argued before on this blog, is... continue

Superstition: Catholic and Evangelical

Article by   March 2011
Some time ago on Reformation 21 I recounted certain events from my visit to Italy: the awesome beauty of Rome; the flight to Padua with a delightful Maronite priest; and the scene at the Basilica of Saint Anthony, with dozens... continue

Not even close

Article by   March 2011
For anyone who may be tempted to be impressed by the Rev. Bell's ability to dodge questions posed by a British interviewer, as flagged by Justin Taylor, don't be.   The Dodgemeister is still Michael Howard, former British Home Secretary,... continue

An Accidental Optimist

Article by   March 2011
Last week, I had the privilege of speaking to a group gathered under the auspices of the conservative think-tank, the Acton Institute.  On the surface, it was an odd moment.  Francis Beckwith had mentioned to me some time earlier in... continue

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth....

Article by   March 2011
While the virtual evangelical world and his brother continue to work towards fever pitch over the headline `Charlie Sheen occasionally broke the speed limit when driving' -- sorry, I mean `Emergent pastor advocates universalism' -- back in the real world... continue

Plastic Man

Article by   March 2011
Pete Sanlon has brought the following post to my attention.  For the American audience, Peter Tatchell is the ultimate in British one-issue politicians.  He came to prominence nearly thirty years ago when, as a Labour Party candidate,  he was so... continue

Me and Muammar: What We Have In Common

Article by   February 2011
Seeing Colonel Gadaffi clinging desperately to power in Libya has rather taken my mind back to my childhood.  You see, the Colonel and I have one odd thing in common: we were both taught English literature by the same man,... continue

On Skinny Bimbos Who Can (Possibly) Sing, And God's Divine Plan

Article by   February 2011
Neil Strauss has a fascinating article over at the WSJ about the number of top pop stars who think that their careers are specially anointed by God as part of his higher purposes.    I guess it is indicative of... continue
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