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I blame the parents

Article by   January 2011
Now that things are calming down after all the excitement surrounding Liam Goligher, the latest winner of the UK reality TV show, I'm a Presbyterian, Get Me Out of Here! (in my humble opinion, a far better UK choice for... continue

New Book

Article by   January 2011
I just received in the post a copy of Mike Reeves's new book, On Giants' Shoulders: Introducing Great Theologians from Luther to Barth (IVP UK).  This is a companion volume to his earlier work, The Breeze of the Centuries, which... continue

Here and Self Loathing in America?

Article by   January 2011
As I sat with Liam Goligher in my usual breakfast haunt near Philadelpia yesterday, we both speculated as to when the `rats abandoning the sinking ship' theme would emerge in commentary on his potential move from Richmond to Tenth; little... continue

The Gospel

Article by   December 2010
Every now and then there comes an atheist who understands aspects of the gospel better than many Christians.  In an article in the Christmas edition of The Spectator, political commentator and atheist Bruce Anderson offers some stimulating reflections on the... continue

A Challenge to Mainliners

Article by   December 2010
Al Mohler has posted some fascinating reflections on the case of incest involving a Columbia University professor and his adult daughter.  That the case involves a consensual relationship between two adults makes it somewhat more complicated than one might first... continue

Books for Christmas

Article by   December 2010
Here are a handful of books worth asking someone to put in your Christmas stocking.David Van Drunen, Living in God's Two Kingdoms.   David is, I suspect, conservative politically, but this book is a great antidote to those who wish... continue

Great new book

Article by   December 2010
I am not an exclusive psalmodist, since I also believe that, in addition to the 150 (or 151 if you are Eastern Orthodox) it is legitimate to sing `A Mighty Fortress' and perhaps `A Debtor to Mercy Alone' in public... continue

The Two Track Solution

Article by   December 2010
I am intrigued by John Ross's proposal (to which DT linked yesterday, but which now appears to have been removed) that the Free Church of Scotland might have, in effect, a two track system for subscription.  Without wanting to comment... continue

Douglas MacMillan: A Personal Postscript

Article by   December 2010
On a personal note, and as follow-up to Levy's last post, I only heard Douglas Macmillan once, in 1989, at Aberdeen University Christian Union but (very, very rare for me) I still remember the text: 1. Cor. 1:25.   That I... continue

Looks like a job for a taxi driver......

Article by   November 2010
I noticed this article this morning, and was particularly struck by the following quotation from an artist from an open letter apparently addressed to American churches:"An artist's relationship with you [the church] has not been easy; we are often in... continue
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