Blogs by Carl Trueman

Not guilty!

Article by   April 2011
Thanks to Thabiti for his comments. I appreciate them, read them as frank and friendly, and  offer these in like spirit. To deal with the last point first, and to engage in some self-justifying, self-serving, purely self-interested defensive boxing (hey,... continue

Thoughts on Marketing and Conferences

Article by   April 2011
As a follow-up to yesterday's post, I want to offer some radical suggestions for future megaconferences.  I should say at the start - or rather reiterate, as I did say this yesterday - that I have mellowed in my view... continue

Some roads lead away from Rome

Article by   April 2011
Thanks to Martin Foord for alerting me to this article on converts to Protestantism.   Interesting and encouraging.... continue

What hath Jerusalem to do with Hollywood?

Article by   April 2011
Over the years on reformation21, three things have earned me more critical, if not at times hate-, mail than anything else: my interactions with Roman Catholicism; my belief that not every mother is called to be a homeschooler; and my... continue

Home Thoughts from Abroad

Article by   April 2011
Strange times.  I return to the US after a week in Wales to find that my fellow Englishman, Paul Levy, has launched the end-time class war by going after the Anglicans in general and the Rt. Hon. Jonathan Fletcher, Bt.,... continue

Timeo Danaos? Not any more.

Article by   April 2011
Perhaps it was not the Greeks but the ancient Czechs who normalised homosexuality.  Such seems to be the conclusion drawn by the archaeologists who have unearthed the grave of the first gay caveman.  Thanks to running pal Dave Reese for... continue

Reasons Often Given for Moving Romeward

Article by   April 2011
In response to my post last week on conversions to Roman Catholicism, a number have asked me what I consider to be the reasons for such.    I can only give my own limited take on this matter but here, in... continue

A Touch of Freud?

Article by   April 2011
Over at the Gospel coalition, friend Justin Taylor links to an interview with Mark Noll on the historical strengths and weaknesses of parachurch coalitions.  In the excerpt which he cites he gives the following quotation:"Then, there is also the danger... continue

Another thing needful

Article by   April 2011
While evangelicalism has been in turmoil over pop theology the last couple of weeks, I have just started to read the second volume of Hans Küng's memoirs.  Michael Holroyd reports Lytton Strachey as once saying that discretion is not the... continue

He Hasn't Even Died at Marienbad Yet

Article by   March 2011
Last night, a friend emailed me the following quotation, apparently written by one of the gurus of emergent evangelicalism, or whatever it calls itself these days.  He is talking about the sacraments, or so I am told:"These rituals are true... continue
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