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Gordon on Turkle on Technology

Article by   January 2013
The latest edition of Ordained Servant, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church's journal for officebearers is online.  Of particular interest is T. David Gordon's review of Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other by M.I.T.professor, Sherry... continue

Dick G on Herman R

Article by   December 2012
I notice that Logos have posted a short interview with my revered former WTS colleague and now my long-suffering session clerk, Dick Gaffin, on the eminent New Testament scholar, Herman Ridderbos, whose works are being offered on pre-pub.... continue

On Saint Macrina and Passing the Port

Article by   December 2012
A friend who is about to start a Ph.D. in church history emailed me the other day regarding Gregory of Nyssa's  biography of his sister, Macrina.  The work is a piece of unabashed hagiography.  How do historians handle this sort... continue

Seventeen Syllables

Article by   December 2012
A summary of the last six months on Ref21, translated from original by haiku master, Kobayashi Issa.Old looney tuned hymnBull (papal) from Ealing manseOne hand clapping sound.... continue

One last Christmas gift idea

Article by   December 2012
Here is an interesting gift idea for that librarian, IT helpline operator or otherwise sartorially-challenged person in your life.   Help them become one of the Beautiful People this Christmas.Comparing American evangelicalism to the world is often a bit too... continue

On Manilow and Myths

Article by   December 2012
I had the very great pleasure last night of debating the nature of the satisfied life from the perspective of Augustine with a local atheist who did so from the perspective of Bertrand Russell.  I had not done a debate... continue

Logos, Owen and Latin

Article by   December 2012
Logos Publications have started a pre-publication offer to test interest in a new translation of John Owen's Latin works.  The Theologoumena Pantodapa is already available in English from another publisher but the translation is so flawed as to be worthless. ... continue

Freedom of Speech is a Joke (or at least the freedom to tell one)

Article by   December 2012
The apparent suicide of the London nurse who was on the receiving end of the joke played by two Australian DJs last week is deeply sad.    For any human being to consider that life is no longer worth the living... continue

Three More for Christmas

Article by   December 2012
Here are three more books which might make fine gifts for Christmas:Richard A. Muller, Calvin and the Reformed Tradition: On the Work of Christ and the Order of Salvation.  For the serious reader.  Muller's scholarly work is aimed at setting... continue

Penance and Priesthood

Article by   December 2012
For many years I was neither a friendly admirer nor frequent reader of the nineteenth century Southern Presbyterians and, for the record, still cannot really take Dabney seriously (sorry Sean).   But, as Stan Laurel declared to Oliver Hardy in... continue
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