Blog Posts by Carl Trueman

The Aesthetics of Tolerance

Article by   September 2018
A number of years ago, I had occasion to fly to Korea via San Francisco. Flying across the US on a clear day is one of those rare pleasures which really allows you to get the geographical measure of... continue

Zero Sum Game

Article by   June 2016
A recent blog post by Sammy Rhodes, a minister in the PCA and RUF chaplain, has caused something of a storm. Pitched as an apology by a theological conservative to the LGBTQ community in the wake of the Orlando massacre,... continue

Cecil the Lion

Article by   July 2015
There is a moment towards the end of the film, Calvary, where the priest - a good, innocent priest -- is kneeling on the beach with a parishioner (a victim of some other priest's abuse) pointing a gun at his... continue

Congratulating Planned Parenthood

Article by   July 2015
The release of a video showing Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Senior Director of Planned Parenthood's Medical Services Department, allegedly speaking of how to extract the body part of aborted children for commercial purposes is shocking but should not shock. Indeed, if... continue

Catholicity Reduced to Ashes: A Surrejoinder to James Merrick

Article by   February 2015
I am grateful to James Merrick for his thoughtful and measured response to my piece on Lent and for providing me with an opportunity to address the matter further.  Reading Merrick's response, I suspect one of my ecclesiological assumptions needs... continue
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