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Why God Is Not a Philosopher (and why Bavinck thinks theologians must be)

Article by   September 2014
Discursive reason--our capacity to think things through, infer conclusions, offer logical explanations, and so on--enables us to argue a point, make judgments, criticize beliefs and actions, and, in a word, philosophize. Philosophers work with concepts and trade in arguments. Some... continue

The Reformation in France and the Mission to the World

Article by   September 2014
The accusation that Protestants were slow to take up the evangelical mission to the world and that this exposes some sort of fundamental flaw in our faith has been almost as sticky as it is spurious. Already in the air... continue

Logic and Logos

Article by   August 2014
NYU profs Michael Shenefelt and Heidi White open their history of logic, If A, then B: How the World Discovered Logic, with this: "The world is logical, according to some. Others call it absurd. We have never been sure who... continue

Mourning in Zion

Article by   August 2014
I'm sitting at the dining room table at my in-laws waiting for a call from someone to come fix my broken car (a minor issue, really, but one that needs attention). Tricia's parents aren't here: her father is sitting with his... continue
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