Blog Posts by Brian Tallman

To Confess Our Faith or Pledge Our Allegiance?

Article by   September 2017
The recent NFL controversy--which has spread to other venues too--concerning the appropriate posture during the national anthem has had my mind running in so many directions. First, my mind went down the liturgical path. We are liturgical beings; and,... continue

A Vital Call for the Vitals of Religion

Article by   September 2017
In the denomination in which I serve as a minister--The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)--we have confessional standards to which all our ministers voluntarily agree to submit, subscribe, and support. The language we use to describe this action is... continue

Evangelism, Baptism and Evaluating Church Health

Article by   February 2017
If I've heard it once I have heard it a thousand times: Christians who are members in Reformed Churches tripping over themselves to apologize about how poorly the Reformed Church does evangelism. Related to this is the tried and true... continue

The Public Reading of Scripture--Presbyterian-Style

Article by   February 2017
In 2011, the session of the church that I pastor sought to educate and assist the members of the church regarding proposed changes that we had decided to make to an important aspect of our corporate worship services. Prior to... continue
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