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Evangelicals Now is a monthly evangelical newspaper printed in the UK that is now available in an online version. EN contains news, interviews, articles, commentary and book reviews plus much more. It's a terrific way of keeping up to date with what is going on in the world and marvellous fuel for prayer. EN has been edited since 1992 by John Benton, for many years in pastoral ministry in Guildford. EN has been one of the things used by God to foster unity amongst conservative evangelicals in the UK. It's always worth reading

You can subscribe online for 12 copies at around $15, but EN are offering a special offer with the code 'Ref21 EN' you can get 25% off!

This month there are great articles on 'When Pastors play power games', 'How should women be paid in ministry', 'Lausanne and the Polemical imperative',  Michael Haykin is beginning his new series of articles with 'Erasmus',

Here are what some other people are saying about EN

Sinclair Ferguson- Evangelicals Now has long served Christians as a well informed and reliable source of information, news and comment on the state of the gospel and the church in the UK and indeed on a monthly basis carries valuable insight into the needs and triumphs of the church throughout the world.   Many of us in the UK are grateful for it, and for the sterling work of its editor John Benton and his staff. But it deserves to be read far and wide, and used as fuel for prayer.  At $15 a subscription is a "no-brainer"!''

Mark Dever - For years, Evangelicals Now has presented wide-ranging, biblically informed reports of activities, churches, ministries, conferences, publications and so much more from around the UK and even around the world.  From its pages I am informed and equipped to pray personally and publicly.  Many Sundays, looking through Evangelicals Now informs my pastoral prayer in our church's morning gathering.  I am thankful for this publication and pray for its continued success.  I know of no similar publication I appreciate more

Dick Lucas - John Benton is a marathon man editing EN so competently and for so long.   He has seen to it that the paper is fresh and well informed, and as a regular reader I am grateful. With clearcut Evangelicalism growing more widespread and articulate (and more resisted) may EN be a strong influence for mutual prayer, understanding and enterprises.''

Liam Goligher - 'In my experience American Christians have a deep concern for the state of the kingdom in Europe generally and in the UK in particular. EN is the place to go for news and analysis of the current situation; it also provides an easy introduction to the concerns and burdens felt by Christian people in the UK and Northern Ireland in particular. EN has earned its place as the "must read" for anyone seriously interested in knowing how the gospel is advancing and what obstacles and blessings face the churches.'
Posted March 9, 2016 @ 12:37 PM by Paul Levy

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