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The International Presbyterian Church not making it on to Mark Jones 'Top 10 denominations of 2015' is a body blow for us all involved however we are hoping to plant 3 churches in the next two years which should get us moving up the charts. For many readers planting 3 churches in the next couple of years won't sound such a big ask but for us it is very exciting indeed and we would value your prayers 

IPC Ilford. Ilford is in East London and is an area of the city experiencing high levels of immigration (esp. south Asians, west Africans, and eastern Europeans). There is a great deal of gospel work going on in East London and we've been very encouraged by the support of other churches in the wider area. Ilford has huge needs spiritually, with very little expository Bible ministry around, yet there is huge opportunity, with people coming from nations where they're much less likely to hear the gospel. 

Simon Arscott who for the past 5 years has been the Assistant Minister in Trinity Church, York is moving down to Ilford with a view to starting the church in early 2016. If you'd like to be involved in praying or supporting the work do be in touch with him. More info at www.ilfordipc.co.uk 

Immanuel Church, Brentford - The congregation where I serve (IPC Ealing) is, God willing, going to plant a daughter congregation next year. Stuart Cashman our Associate Minister will be leaving with others to begin this church. The seed group started meeting last September, and in January will begin Sunday meetings in the centre of Brentford. We're hopeful that public worship services will be launched in Sept 2016. Do contact Stuart if you'd like to receive prayer letters regarding the work 

IPC Leeds - At our last Presbytery it was approved that Jonty Rhodes who has planted Christ Church Derby will be moving with his family in early 2017 with a view to planting a church in the city centre of Leeds which is the 4th largest city in the UK The plan has had great support and encouragement from Yorkshire Gospel Partnership and Gospel Yorkshire, do be in touch with Jonty if you'd like to be praying or be involved in any way.
Posted December 28, 2015 @ 1:36 PM by Paul Levy

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