Knowing Christ and J.I Packer's Forewords

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J.I. Packer is undoubtedly one of the great theologians of our age. His books are, quite simply, outstanding. I've never met him. I heard him speak once for an hour and 40 minutes and it felt like a lot longer; but the man is a giant. However, when you see that J.I. Packer has written a foreword to something it has the effect of water off a duck's back. Someone one day will be able to calculate the number of forewords J.I. Packer has written, but it must be in the hundreds. I hear rumours that, alongside the Collected Shorter Writings set, (which is absolute gold) publishers are lining up to get hold of Packer's collected Forewords and Blurbs. I'm told it will be a multi-volume set. 

When I was sent a copy of Mark Jones' book, Knowing Christ, and saw the foreword was by J.I.P. my response was to groan inwardly. How wrong I was. I've read the book with a couple of people; getting together with them to discuss chapters, and have benefited hugely from it.

We live in an age of hyperbole and hype when it comes to Christian books but I would encourage every reader to get hold of Knowing Christ. There were times reading when you were shown Christ in such a way that you'd not thought of him before. You found yourself praying before you knew it. I think a chapter a day of this book would do your Christian life the world of good.

So let me commend J.I. Packer's commendation! Buy this book and read it!
Posted October 16, 2015 @ 4:10 AM by Paul Levy

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